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   Chapter 270 Extra Story Travel Back To The Past Places (Part Two)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 6328

Updated: 2020-01-23 00:23

Xi Zhiyao took off his coat and covered his body with his scarlet robe. He touched his frozen face with love and said, "no matter what you have suffered, we will avenge you." but Yun Canglan couldn't help crying.

In this life, she was cunning and scheming, but in the previous life, she was a compliant little woman, forced and forced by previous hatred.

The others all came forward, dug a hole in the freezing ice with their hands and put the body in the red robe, burying it.

After twenty years, she could finally rest in peace.

Resting her head on Lei Tianyan's shoulder, Yun Canglan finally burst into tears. She cried not for sadness, but for joy.

In her dreams, she saw the dead body alone in the cave many times, and many times, it was white bones. Today, she could finally feel at ease.

But she hadn't forgotten the hatred caused by Qi Yuntian.

"Let's go." after everything went calm, Lei Tianyan left the cave with Yun Canglan, followed by several other people. The cave collapsed behind them, and no one would disturb the place where she had been buried.

Yun Canglan led the way. With some memory, eight people strolled on the snowy mountain and the red scenery was beautiful. Perhaps it was not the good season to ski, and Canglan was very depressed that she didn't see anyone while driving.

The eight of them wore red wedding gowns and their unruly long hair. If they went down the mountain at this time, they would be regarded as monsters. Only one person would give them a big disaster.

Talk of the devil and he will appear. Moreover, there are more than one devil.

Canglan suddenly stopped and looked at the sound of the motor coming from not far away. Her eyes revealed a murderous light.

"What is that sound?" Shui Minghan was on the alert. When he wanted to touch his waist, he found his sword was gone. The rest of them became nervous too, but

lothes and thought, 'it's really troublesome to have a coat. More importantly, I'm not handsome enough.'.

"This world is different from ours. Do you want to be treated differently when you go down the mountain?" Qin Liuren quickly adapted to the new environment.

On the snowy ground, eight naked bodies were covered with a red coat casually. The cold wind was blowing and the snow was blowing. The eight of them held each other tightly. The expression of fear on their faces was the same.

They were robbed.

Half an hour ago, they arrived in a snow-white car. A beautiful woman wearing an ancient wedding dress pointed at them and shouted excitedly, "robbery with wealth, robbery with wealth, and seduction without wealth. Don't resist. Qin Liuren is biting you!".

They believed that this beautiful woman would surely be famous in the future, so this woman suggested.

"Hurry up, take off your clothes.".

They quickly took off their clothes and waited for the beautiful woman to rob. Seven handsome men behind the beautiful woman were released. They not only bit them, but also beat them.

'but they said just robbery with wealth, robbery with beauty!'.

In this way, Yun Canglan and seven handsome men started a new life in the new world.

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