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   Chapter 269 Extra Story Travel Back To The Past Places(Part One)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 6410

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The white, everywhere was white, and the cold air, like a sword, stabbed into the bone. The white mass made the slightly opened eyes uncomfortable. She felt cold and soft.

Yun Canglan suddenly opened her eyes and grabbed the snow in her hand. It was bitterly cold.

"This is.Where? " Shui Minghan woke up with a puzzled look and a red robe.

Looking around, she found nothing but snow.

"The Water Continent? "Painting Mountain?" Qin Liuren also woke up. He looked around and made a slight sound, but in his heart, he quickly denied this guess. The snow mountain, just located in the Feng Kingdom, couldn't be so big.

The rest of them were not so good at Kung Fu that they didn't regain their consciousness until a while later. They counted, and there were totally eight of them. Her wedding dress was like a red flower blooming in the white snow.

"How is everyone?" Xi Zhiyao lay on the ground and found his wheelchair isn't here. He stood up reluctantly and decided to put aside the defects for the time being.

"I'm fine."

"Not bad."

They got up and patted the snow on their bodies, trying to fight against the cold. "What the hell is this place?" Yan Cangyue asked with a frown and his face went red.

"I don't know. Let's take a look first. We can't stay here." Yang Gezhi didn't know kung fu. He only had a thin layer of clothes, and his body was going to freeze. Fortunately, Shui Minghan stood on his side and poured some internal force into his body to resist the cold for a while.

"Which side should we go? It's all over the snow." Huo Liuyun was frustrated. The white light in their bridal chamber was beyond their knowledge, and the strange snow mountain put them in a difficult situation.

"This way." Yun Canglan didn't open her mouth, but stared in a certain direction. Her figure was cold, and her eyes were unprecedentedly deep.

They were all stunned. They had never seen C

he couldn't bear to see Canglan die like this. She must be unwilling and resentful, and Canglan must be more upset.

Yun Canglan pushed his hand away and forced a smile, "don't worry. I'm fine. I'm not the child I was born.".

As she said, she picked up the men's coat and threw it away, the corpses, white bones and cold legs standing in front of the men, and then the cave seemed to be filled with gasps.

Yun Canglan looked at his bones and sneered, "this is me." she said that to the rest people.

"To be exact, it was my reincarnation. This world is no longer the original world of fire and water, but the world of my rebirth. She..."Pointing at the corpse on the ground, she said, "she is also called Yun Canglan. She is well protected, and she doesn't know what is evil and sinister, but because of her stupidity and stupidity, she has been eaten up by others and left in this cave. When my soul arrived at the water fire continent, I started a new life. Do you know why I want to unify the world? Actually, I only want the imperial seal of the seven kingdoms. Fearless Armor said that I can come back when I find you and make up for the imperial seal of the seven kingdoms. It Looks like he's right. "Canglan said.

Her voice echoed in the cave, cold and sad.

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