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   Chapter 268 Extra Story Two The Wedding

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As a legend of the water fire continent, Yun Canglan's marriage must have attracted the attention of the whole world. Not only did she marry seven husbands, but also the men in the world were afraid of her. The purpose of her marriage had become a hot topic in the world.

Yun Xiang, known for his cunning, once again took this sentence incisively and vividly.

On the previous day, a new jade necklace appeared in the Fengyun Firm. It was said that the necklace came with the same pattern as that of Yun Canglan's wedding. Anyone who had the money to order one had to buy one.

He also took out a red and Phoenix Wedding Handkerchief the day before yesterday, but some girls immediately threw their handkerchief to the bride as them got married, and some girls immediately bought the one for their wedding day. Another women then put the handkerchief in their own collection, and returned to their daughter.

According to the information, an apple to be used by Yun Canglan on their wedding day was picked up by the same tree. The Apple could be sold in a limited quantity for sale.

On the wedding day, however, no one knew whether Yun Canglan took off an apple from a tree, because she was not in the palace at her wedding day.

In the Can Kingdom, the previous General's House was in cheerful atmosphere. The red lanterns were hanged, and the flying red satin made the cheerful atmosphere in the General's House more fervent. Yun Yajun and Lin Wan'er stood at the gate with joy, receiving wave after wave of guests, from the old emperor of Can Kingdom, the old emperor of Si Kingdom, the fearless armor, the Kenway, Canglann's ex husband Feng Gui, Wu Yunling who was brand new, and one of the three beauties who was good-looking and one of them, and one of the three beauties Bai Yujing who secretly fell in love with Shui Minghan.

After the crowd gathered, Lin Wan'er's smile froze. Yun Yajun held his beloved wife and wanted to scold people.

Yun He sat on the chair and didn't stand up with a smile. After all, he was from the respected generation and should salute him. Yun Yu held Yun Canglan's baby in her arms reluctantly. Yun Yu watched her busy, but Yun Hua admired that Yun Yu didn't have to work hard.

When it was September 1st, Yun canglan gave birth to a girl who looked like Lei Tianyan and had a fascinating smile on her face. This made Yun Canglan happy for a long time, and she finally stopped worrying about being pregnant.

Yun Canglan, hiding in her room, felt depressed. She had planned to marry the General's House to avoid these people, but they still leaked the news. Damn Yun Yu! Why didn't she block the news.

How could she know that the news was sold out by Buye Tower and Buye Tower earned a lot.

They had no choice, as their mistress was Ye'er at present, and they would have to make tuse of the ex mistress.

In another courtyard, Lei Tianyan and the seven others wore red pythons. Shui Minghan and Qin Liuren's icy air was reduced a lot, and the red pythons looked softer. Lei Tianyan was still enchanting, and the wedding robe made him even more charming. Yang Gezhi gave a bland, satisfied smile. Maybe he would only wear a red robe once in his life, but the red one was more suitable for him.

Huo Liuyun looked at his wedding robe and felt nervous. If he hadn't been too greedy, he would have worn this red robe long time ago. Yan Cangyue's unruly face deserved the red color, which was less mysterious and more attractive than the purple he usually wore. Xi Zhiyao's bright eyes shone in the bright red. He looked more festive and keen in the red.

Xi Zhiyao explained why he was still sitting on the wheelchair. In fact, Yun Canglan had asked Yun Qin that his legs had really recovered, but he couldn't walk too tired, so there was no problem with walking. But Xi Zhiyao heard that imperfections were a kind of beauty. Since then, he decided to use incomplete beauty as his own merit, refusing to stand up.

For the rest of the time, except when he was in bed, he sat on the wheelchair. The rest of the people were very shameless and disdainful to

"Come in." Yun Canglan ignored them and went straight into the room. Yan Cangyue had changed his clothes and was sitting at the table, sulking. As soon as he saw everyone coming in, his anger rose.

This was indeed their cave. The room was very large, and the bed was big enough to accommodate more than a dozen people. This bed was specially made by the unscrupulous blacksmith. He didn't know that Yun Canglan didn't want to use it at all.

On a square table, eight people sat quietly with the imperial seal of the seven kingdoms in the middle.

As the world united, new imperial seal were naturally established. The former seven kingdoms imperial seal had been transformed into decorations.

"Well, I want to elope. Who will be with you?" Yun Canglan cut to the chase, which scared the others to sweat.


"They are too annoying. If you don't have anything to say, let's find a quiet place to live in seclusion. If it's not a big deal, Minghan will kill people to make a fortune. I will send people to the frozen factory. Cangyue, you are the favorite of mid aged women. I'll read a bookworm. I have some ideas..."

"Stop!" Qin Liuren interrupted her imagination coldly, "what on earth do you want?"

"I just thought of the world of eight people," Yun Canglan said shyly.

"But you..."

"Crack, crack, crack..."Crack, crack, crack... "All of a sudden, a deafening sound of firecrackers rang out from outside and everyone was startled.

"Damn it. I told you we would not go to the weeding."Yun Canglan stood up and was about to go out to check when a strange scene held her back.

Yun Canglan leaned against Shui Minghan's chest, looked two steps away from her in horror, and said through the hole in the ground, "just.It was what? "

Lightning? Thunder?

Why was there a big hole in the ceiling?

"Canglan, be careful!" Qin Liuren shouted. Another violent white light exploded around Yun Canglan. Shui Minghan took her to escape the blow. Luckily she was not hurt. They stood on the ground a moment ago, and there was another big hole.

The firecrackers were still set off outside, and no one had noticed the strange scene in the room.

"Damn it!" Yun Canglan said. Then there was a flash of white again. Instead of exploding on the ground, the white light caught up withYun Canglan, "oh my God, there are really ghosts!".

The rest of the guards hurried forward, trying to protect Yun Canglan, but their target was in the same direction and the eight rolled together as they bumped into Yun Canglan. Then the white light appeared.

The white light was dazzling, and Yun Canglan felt dizzy and cursed before she lost consciousness.

"Fuck! We have no chance to elope anymore."

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