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   Chapter 267 Extra Story One They All Wondered How Rich The Outside World Was

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The seven kingdoms on the two continents were finally United. The woman emperor Yun Canglan announced the unity of the seven kingdoms on March 9 on 1015 of Shuihuo Calendar on March, followed by numerous people flying to and fro for news. The seven kingdoms on the two continents which had been in turmoil for months finally settled down.

According to the Shuihuo Calendar, on April 28 in 1015, the female emperor ascended the throne and issued the first decree, which meant the seven kingdoms on the two continents were united. From then on, there would be no misunderstanding and no war.

The second holy decree said that the emperor will marry on the 9th wedding of September on 1015 of Shuihuo Calendar. She have seven wives. They are Huo Liuyun, Yan Cangyue, Yang Gezhi, Xi Zhiyao, Qin Liuren, Lei Tianyan and Shui Minghan, the seventh Prince of the kingdoms.

They are the seven noble members of the Prince Consort, no matter the title is high or low.

According to the third imperial decree, the eldest son of the emperor, Yun Qingye, would be crown prince and ascend to the throne.

The world was in an uproar. The female emperor just abdicated in one day. More importantly, the new emperor was only three years old, but no one dared to act rashly even if they were displeased with this decision. Although the new emperor was young, he had Mister Liu Huo, the Huguo general, as his imperial army. He also collected world news by Buye Tower. Besides, Mister Jue Sha protected the Medical Sage and Poison Sage in secretIn such a large pomp, no one is stupid enough to ask for trouble.

Ye'er wanted to ask her father for help. When she trotted into her mother's yard, she saw the unimaginable scene.

Qin Liuren's face flushed bright red. He took a deep breath and turned the air conditioner on. Outside the yard, the sun was in the hottest summer. The air in the yard was refreshing. There were a lot of watermelon lying next to Shui Minghan. His sword was unsheathed and the watermelon was self-made into pieces, even the West melon seeds falling on the side. With the cold air of Qin Liuren, the watermelon looked not fake.

Huo Liuyun's body was fully recovered thanks to the Scorching Sun Grass in the Chi Kingdom, and the poison on Yun Canglan was naturally removed. He was carefully peeled the grape skin, removed the grape seeds, and then carefully put them in the plate that Yun Canglan could reached out. There was no complaints.

Yan Cangyue was the most pathetic. He rolled up his sleeve and voluntarily squeezed the fresh plum juice into it, because his lady had said "I want to drink the fresh plum soup". But he failed to do it for the first time, because he had used a lot of it, but there wasn't much juice.

Yang Gezhi had great potential as a maid. He fetched a sunshade from somewhere and put it over Yun Canglann's head. Yun Canglan didn't get wet in the sunshine, but he was drenched in sweat. It didn't matter. The most important thing was that her highness was happy, because as long as her highness was happy, they would be able to sleep tonight.

Xi Zhiyao still couldn't move his legs. He sat on a wheelchair and played chess with Yun Canglan. He had to consider for a long time t

Zhiyao's wheelchair and made him unable to step back. The gamble was in a better mood.

If she still couldn't slap him, he would make it up to her.

"Xi Zhiyao, how dare you lie to me! Today I'll show you what is the law of wife, three obediences and four virtues, as well as my authority to provoke you!" Yun Canglan yelled.

The club hit Xi Zhiyao hard, but he dodged quickly and missed the attack.

"Hey, boy, don't you know who is bullying me? If a tiger doesn't get angry, you can just consider me as a sick cat. I'll beat you!"

Xi Zhiyao was not that stupid to wait for being beaten. He was a man, the dignified male husband, and the former Prince Xiaoyao of the Jin Kingdom, the underground emperor of the Jin Kingdom, the second most scheming man in the world. How could he be beaten as he was.

"Canglan, stop beating. Be careful." while withdrawing the wheelchair, he looked at Yun Canglan pitifully. "Be careful. If you really want to beat me, just let them beat me with the stick.".

Oh my God! Unbelievable! He is a man! 'thought he.

Ye'er rested his chin on his finger and looked at them, and asked in a modest manner, "father Liuyun, will my world soon perish?"

Qin Liuren frowned, "who said, Ye'er was able to unify the world for 10000 years.".

Ye'er looked at her mother in confusion, who was carrying a big belly and holding a wooden stick, looking like a shrew scolding women. "But Dad Yan just said that he didn't have a thing for anyone else and needed to be cultivated. He said that the family is under his control, and the state is under his control, while the world is under his rule. 'Dad Han, dad Liuren and dad Yun drugged dad Yan. This is because they are dishonorable and the lie they made hasn't been cultivated. "Some parents are biting with each other, and my mother is yelling the tiger roaring. This is a mess!".

"It's not good to rule the country if the family is not neat. It's not good to rule the world ."

Yun Canglan suddenly stopped, and the club in her hand fell to the ground. Everyone looked at Ye'er in shock.

It seemed that they were taught a lesson by a three-year-old kid.

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