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   Chapter 266 The Final Episode (Part Two) (Part Four)

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"Who? Who is it? " Prince Yao's body suddenly stiffened, and then he looked around vigilantly. However, in the ruins, besides broken limbs, there were bodies covered by sand. Is there a ghost?

But it was impossible in broad daylight.

Yao Taotao was also frightened, and her face turned pale. However, the imperial seal in her hand gave out a cool temperature. "Don't play tricks on me.You'd better to come out."

"I'll come out soon.".

In the ruins, in an inconspicuous corner, a white robe covered by sand and stones suddenly moved. Then the falling person slowly stood up.

Not to mention standing up, she calmly touched her hair, wiped the dust off her face, and tidied up her clothes. After throwing off the sand on her body, she slowly raised her head and looked at Prince Yao and Yao Taotao. Her eyes were clear, with a smile on her lips.

"You.You... "Prince Yao pointed at Yun Canglan with his fat finger trembling, and his eyes full of fear.

Then, not far from Yun Canglan, Qin Liuren, Huo Liuyun, Yang Gezhi, Lei Tianyan, Yan Cangyue, Yun Qin and Yun Qi stood up, ignoring the dust on their bodies, and stood next to Yun Canglan. They didn't forget to check whether Yun Canglan was hurt, and told her with a smile that they were fine.

"YouYou.. "Yao Taotao was so surprised that she couldn't say a word. Her arrogant face turned ugly and ferocious.

"Are you human or ghost?" Yao Taotao asked in horror. In fact, she already knew a little, because not only they stood up, but also the Chi Kingdom soldiers in armors stood up. Only her daredevils were still lying in cold water.

"What do you think?" Yun Canglan sneered.

"You.I don't believe it, I don't believe it... " Yao Taotao crazily covered her ears and shouted at Yun Canglan. The hair on her head fell and her hair was messy. She looked almost mad.

Prince Yao's fat body suddenly collapsed like a ball, and he looked at Yun Canglan in horror, eyes lifeless.

Canglan walked slowly to the side of the two

ned around again and looked at Prince Yao and Yao Taotao. She gave a bloodthirsty smile and said, "since there's no problem, go ahead.".


With a loud sound, the fire rose into the sky, with breakstones flying, the place where Prince Yao and Yao Taotao were standing was immediately devoured by the smoke of the fire, and it was not even enough for them to cry.

"Is everything finished?" A clear voice came from behind Yun Canglan. Shui Minghan pushed a wheelchair with a faint smile to Xi Zhiyao, who was holding a wooden box in his hand. She knew what it was even without asking.

"Canglan," Xi Zhiyao raised the wooden box slightly, eyes solemn and affectionate.

Taking over the wooden box, Yun Canglan took a deep breath.

Now, the Seven Kingdoms finally were under her control. The seven kingdoms on two continents were finally United.

Under the warm sun, there were a heap of sand and stones in a heap of ruins. The blood was flowing like a river and the flames in the sky burned half the sky. A lot of people lost their lives; some got mutilated and they desired peace.

She wore white clothes and black hair. There was a deep sense of relief and confidence in her eyes.

The fire phoenix and seven feathers composed the greatest legend in the history of the seven kingdoms on the two continents.

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