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   Chapter 265 The Final Episode (Part Two) (Part Three)

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"Prince Yao, if you detonate the gunpowder, I'm afraid you won't be able to escape." Yun Canglan slightly narrowed her eyes and looked at him coldly. Prince Yao smiled proudly, "hahaha, Yun Canglan, you're destined to die this time. You have the mind to care about me. Well, I'll let you die for a reason."

Just then, a large number of men in black suddenly rushed into the room with all kinds of weapons in their hands and attacked everyone. Whether it was the soldiers of the Chi Kingdom who were guarding, or Huo Liuyun, Yan Cangyue and others, they quickly took up the weapons around them and greeted the assassins.

There were a large number of people in black clothes, and their Kung Fu was not very good, but they were all very vicious. They even used their bodies as shields to block everyone.

"They are loyal soldiers." Qin Liuren protected Huo Liuyun, who was still weak, and after chopping down a man in black, he shouted at Yun Canglan.

Yun Canglan was no longer lazy. MisterNight Phoenix took the White Jade Fan as her weapon and fought against the men in black without mercy.

In fact, when Qin Liuren shouted these words, Yun Canglan knew that they were indeed daredevils. So many daredevils were probably sent out from a nest. Their goal was to stall everyone and then Prince Yao escaped.

"Don't let him run away." before Yun Canglan could speak out, Yun Qin and Yun Qi had found Prince Yao who was about to leave. All of a sudden, everyone immediately attacked Prince Yao. However, there were too many people in black, so they were quickly stopped.

Lei Tianyan was highly skilled. When he flew up, the man in black was even desperate to bump into him with his body. He dragged him back and lost his opportunity. He could only watch Prince Yao leave in complacency.

Yun Qin and Yun Qi resolutely threw their brotherhood to the men in black, and the poison powder in Yun Qi's hands surged to them one by one, as if they never stopped.

Rarely had Yan Lanyue stood on their side, so he

tle. The sacred altar, which was supposed to be dignified, had now become a Shura Temple built with blood and flesh.

The people in the city hugged together and looked in the direction of the altar with trembling eyes. They were frightened when they saw the still bright flame.

The world is ruled by this change.

"HahahaHahahaThe world finally belongs to me, hahaha... "On the flint, Prince Yao's fat body appeared again, laughing arrogantly and arrogantly.

Yao Taotao stood by with a shy smile, the imperial seal in her hand reflected the light of fire, somewhat dazzling.

"Yun Canglan, you are finally dead! Hahaha! You are finally dead! So what if you have the imperial seal of five kingdoms? If you die, all the imperial seal belongs to me, and all of them belongs to me!"

She once hid the imperial seal of the Chi Kingdom outside the altar, just waiting for the signal to ignite the gunpowder. Now, she succeeded. Yun Canglan was dead, so was the emperor of other kingdoms. She could be the only, no, above all the people, or even the world above everyone.

"I'm afraid you'll be disappointed."

The clear voice was not loud, but like a thunder, it deeply exploded in the ears of Prince Yao and Yao Taotao. The sound was magical, tightly grasping the souls of them, and a fear slowly rose in the bottom of their hearts.

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