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   Chapter 264 The Final Episode (Part Two) (Part Two)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 7422

Updated: 2020-01-21 00:34

"Are you looking for me?" A lazy, clear voice came from the other side of the altar. The guard Wang, wearing his armor and a long sword hanging on his waist, came over. He had the qualifications to step onto the altar.

"You.You... "Yan Lanyue pointed at the "guard Wang ", and looked at the vacant guard Wang in front of him. He was too surprised to say anything.

How could two people look so alike.

However, the "Guard Wang" was not like the dull guard. When he walked in, with a slight pull behind his ear, his unruly handsome face was revealed.

"Long time no see, my brother.".

Yan Lanyue stared at the face in amazement and didn't even realize that Yan Cangyue was taking the imperial seal away from his hand.

Yan Cangyue walked up to Yun Canglan, held her in his arms, and put the imperial seal in her hand fawningly. "Canglan, I want to make a dowry with the river of Chi Kingdom, what do you think?"

Qin Liuren snorted, with obvious disdain on his face, "an outstanding designer" was him.

Lei Tianyan went straight to the point and shoved him aside. He held Yun Canglan in his arms, his enchanting eyebrows raising provocatively, "no one can forcibly occupy Canglan when I'm present, which is my right.".

"For what?" Yan Cangyue was not convinced?

Lei Tianyan raised his eyebrows and looked at him proudly, "I'm the boss. Why can't you admit it?" 'since he is new here, I must teach you a lesson, ' he thought.

"What's wrong with you, boss? Have you ever heard that a wife is not as good as a concubine?" It was much better than having sex.

"Canglan, The wife is better than a concubine, don't you think so?" Lei Tianyan sniffed and hugged Canglan more tightly.

Huo Liuyun and Yang Gezhi and Qin Liuren had knew it clearly. They pretended that they didn't see him. Actually, they wanted to beat Lei Tianyan to a pulp.

Canglan remained silent, and Yan Cangyue seemed to understand his situation. He was so late, but he swore to himself that he would make Canglan remember his kindness and ignore that monster forever.

Yan Lanyue came to her senses and realized that the imperial seal in her hand was gone. But the woman who held it was still dealing with her family affairs, w

u?" The imperial seal was in the hands of people from other countries, so the soldiers and generals who were besieged by the altar would not easily accept it.

And Prince Yao also knew that, but he was not worried at all. "Thank you for reminding me, your highness. Since I dare to come, I'm fully prepared. I'm telling you, the surroundings of the altar and even the ground are all covered with gunpowder. As long as I give the order, you'll all be turned into ash, ha ha..."

As soon as he finished speaking, the officials and people around panicked and fled in all directions. Fortunately, the people were standing in the farthest place from the altar, but all of them were standing under the altar together, and there were heavy soldiers behind them. Although the military conscience was not stable at this time, they were still holding weapons, surrounding the altar tightly, unwilling to let go of one person.

After a while, the commoners ran away, leaving the ministers who were crying for their dad and the several people standing on the altar in the confrontation.

Yan Lanyue finally realized that his situation was completely ruined, "Prince Yao, you have gone too far. You used me. I won't let you go even if I'm a ghost."

"You want to rule the world? Dream on! If I don't die, I will kill you!"

Yan Lanyue cursed Prince Yao, but Prince Yao was still not angry. He stood on the altar, a little fat with infinite complacency, as if he had seen the world.

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