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   Chapter 263 The Final Episode (Part Two) (Part One)

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According to the Shuihuo Calendar, on the ninth day of the third month in 1015, the new emperor of Chi Kingdom, Yan Lanyue, became the emperor of Chi Kingdom. Within just a few months, the Chi Kingdom changed the emperor twice. In order to settle people's mind, the people of Chi Kingdom issued a few days ago, announcing to the public that he was in charge of the Si Kingdom, Can Kingdom, Ling Kingdom, Jin Kingdom and Feng Kingdom would sign the imperial seal with Yun Canglan.They had to make an agreement to guarantee the safety and peace of the Chi Kingdom.

So, on the day the people ascended the throne, and after the new emperor took the throne, the six kingdoms would be discussing with each other.

Sitting on the altar of the Chi Kingdom, Yun Canglan was thousands of people and looked down upon the people in the world. Although she didn't become an emperor, she was the owner of the two continents. Even the new emperor of the Chi Kingdom had to see her before she ascended the throne.

Qin Liuren, Yang Gezhi, Lei Tianyan, Huo Liuyun, sat respectively on her two sides. The four men had four kinds of feelings, the same beautiful face and the imperial air, making them sit next to Yun Canglan calmly.

Taking off the mask of the "Medical Sage and Poison Sage", Yun Qin and Yun Qi stood behind Yun Canglan as servants. Their handsome face was also appreciated by many women, and their cold breath and arrogance could not be ignored.

The courtiers recalled the history of the Chi Kingdom, and imagined the hope of the next day. With a robe of dragon in the Chi Kingdom, Yan Lanyue slowly stepped onto the altar. Of course, he must slightly bow to Yun Canglan, and then stood on the altar, waiting for the next flattering ceremony of the courtiers.

Listening to the sharp voice of the ritual official on the altar, Yun Canglan watched Yan Lanyue's tall and straight back and yawned impatiently.

"Are you tired, Canglan?" Lei Tianyan touched her fat belly, with inexplicable tenderness in his eyes. Regardless of the gaze of the commoners, he put his hands on her thighs and gently massaged her legs to make her as relaxed as possible.

Yun Canglan nodded, "yes, a little. I'm old now. It's inevitable that I feel a little tired.".


this your sincerity?"

Yan Lanyue was stunned and wondered if he was wrong? Was it really worth her to give up the Chi Kingdom?

"If you don't think he is enough, I'm willing to give five big cities near the Ling Kingdom to you." Yang He stared closely at Yun Canglan, for fear of missing her every expression.

Yun Canglan gave a scornful smile and said: "you misunderstood me, Emperor of the Chi Kingdom. I married Cangyue, and he is more important than the Chi Kingdom. To save him, I will let go of the Chi Kingdom, but..."


"So you don't know I'm Mister Night Phoenix, do you?"

"Of course I know." Yan Lanyue was confused, 'does it matter?'?

"Night Phoenix's Medical Sage and Poison Sage are always around him. Besides medical and poison sages, the medical and poison sages are really good at changing people's appearance. Emperor of the Chi Kingdom, if you want to deceive me with the appearance of Cangyue in disguise, will you let go of the Chi Kingdom after you fool me?"

Yan Lanyue was shocked, and his eyes were full of disbelief, "thisIt's impossible! " It was his brother Yan Cangyue. How could he have disguised his face?

"If you don't believe me, you can reveal his mask.".

Regardless of his royal style, Yan Lanyue strode forward and took off his mask. He had a familiar face.

"Guard Wang? " He was the closest guard captain to him.

"It's impossible! It's impossible!" 'if he is the guard Wang, then who he is beside me?' Who is the guard Wang today?

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