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   Chapter 262 The Final Episode (Part One) (Part Three)

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Shui Minghan looked cold and ruthless, but he was a man full of friendship. She was not afraid that he would bully Xi Zhiyao who had broken his legs.

"Okay." as expected, Shui Minghan agreed without objection.

Then, everyone got ready and headed for the Chi Kingdom.

This time, Yun Canglan changed her strategy and didn't explore the enemy kingdom as usual. Then she defeated the internal situation of the enemy kingdom. This time, she stalked the army of the Can Kingdom and the Ling Kingdom and put a siege to the border of the Chi Kingdom. On the sea, there was a display of the huge troop of the Feng Kingdom.

What's the obvious intention? Give my man back

Speaking of this, it had to be mentioned. After Yan Cangyue left the Si Kingdom, as soon as he set foot on the border of the Chi Kingdom, he was targeted by the eldest prince, the crown prince. However, Yan Lanyue was very clever and did not hurt him. When he was about to return to the throne and rebel, Yan Lanyue suddenly launched an attack, colluding with all the betrayers in the Imperial Palace and attacked the imperial palace.Yan Cangyue was a prisoner now.

Yun Canglan was depressed. According to Yun Yu, he just wanted to return to the imperial palace to get the imperial seal. Unexpectedly, he failed and was thrown into the imperial palace. The imperial seal was taken away by Yan Lanyue too. Yan Lanyue's imperial seal was valid for announcing that the new year of nine was enthroned.

However, he was frightened by the siege of the Three Kingdoms. He courteously invited Yun Canglan to attend his enthronement ceremony, and with the return of Yan Cangyue as a token, he wanted Yun Canglan to make rules that she would never violate his country when he ascended the throne.

It was a dark and windy night. The lights were turned off, and it's fine to mugging.

It was almost spring. The spring night was still a little cold, but faintly, they could feel the warm spring wind blowing over their faces, which brought gentleness and warmth. In the spring, every flower was full of vigor and vitality.

For example, three shadows were running up and down on the cliff like a meteor slide and flashing in the darkness.

One of the black shadows and the flat belly made the mysterious.

"WaitWait a minute... "Yun Qin bent down and panted. He looked at Yun Canglan and didn't understand what she meant.

Yun Qi also stopped and gulped the fresh air, looking at the abnormal mistress mournfully.

Yun Canglan suddenly stopped, touched her belly with one hand and turned to Qin Liuren, "what's wrong with you two? Don't tell me your vital energy is exhausted.".

"Mistress..."Yun Qin was very dissatisfied, "you are good at Kung Fu. Why do you show yourself now?" he always hid behind them in the fight, despicable.

Yun Canglan gave a vicious smile: "your master is so lucky. If others know I know kung fu, they will feel ashamed of themselves. They should show their contempt before the

.." He cried

Yun Canglan finally realized that he had a hallucination.

She hugged him back and comforted him softly, "no, I won't leave.".

Yan Cangyue went blank and pushed Canglan away, "Canglan.You Are you reallyCanglan? "

"Yes, it's me.".

Yan Cangyue suddenly took a few steps backward with Yun Canglan, and grinned bitterly, "yesI don't know it's you. I.You must hate the scent on me. ".

Yes, she hated the smell on his body, because he had slept with other women. The scent could not be cleared all his life.

Yun Canglan's heart skipped a beat. She felt sorry for Yan Cangyue.

"Actually, Liuyun has gone to the clean lake, but he still smells something like a woman." she said softly as if she was murmuring to herself.

"The pure lake is just a legend, or a joke from my unscrupulous grandfather, but he took it seriously, almost risking his life, and falling into the condition of water and fire invading his body.".

Yan Cangyue looked at Yun Canglan in confusion.

Since then, why should she accept Huo Liuyun? Didn't he change his smell?

Yun Canglan smiled and continued, "can you smell the smell of women on your body? You can't smell it, right? In fact, it's not that I don't like the smell of other women on your bodies, I just can't accept that you had other women, and you even hurt me for other women. "Such as Huo Liuyun's.

"Because I want a man wholeheartedly. I will never share a man with any other woman. I don't think I have the right to say something like that. After all, now I have several men, but this is my opinion of love. I'd rather die than live in a world of discord.".

"But Liuyun told me that my mistakes didn't mean what would happen in the future. Now he only loves me and the future is only mine. That's enough. I accepted Liuyun, and you..."Yun Canglan looked up at him seriously.

Yan Cangyue was so nervous that he sweat as he clenched his fists.

"I've seen your heart, so I allow you to stand by my side.".

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