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   Chapter 261 The Final Episode (Part One) (Part Two)

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Yun Canglan cast a stern glance at him.

Qin Liuren snorted and turned his head away. Huo Liuyun gave a bitter smile. He had been so desperate before and felt Yan Cangyue's pain. But it didn't matter. If he did something wrong, he must pay for it. He knew what he had done.

"What's going on here? Why is the atmosphere a little weird?" Lei Tianyan walked in. Looking at the silent people and Qin Liuren, who was still angry, he walked towards Yun Canglan and asked, "Canglan, did you hurt anyone else?"

Yun Canglan was surprised, 'how do you know?'?

A fascinating smile crept up to the corner of his eyes. "Did I really guess it right?"

Yun Canglan touched the back side of her head, looking left and right, a little flustered. Yang Gezhi stepped forward with a faint smile and pulled her out of the sea of flames. "Nothing. Cangyue misunderstood her words.".

Yun Canglan nodded, "yes, you're right. He was thinking something else. I said nothing.".

Qin Liuren was unhappy, "Gezhi, don't indulge her. She looks so proud. Isn't her silence and pretend not to know that she would make Cangyue misunderstand us?"

Yun Canglan cast a stern glance at him and thought, 'damn it! Cangyue is so close to you. Why are you love him so much?'.

'go ahead, I'm annoyed.' Yun Canglan thought.

"What? Did I say anything wrong?" Qin Liuren felt sadder as he spoke, as if he had seen his humble and helpless shadow on Yan Cangyue, "you don't love us, but you can't stop us from loving you. You just pretended to chase him back to the Chi Kingdom. What would he think? Of course he wouldn't think of the good. Who will be the next? Will you drive me away, and only leave you and Tianyan? "

Yun Canglan was enraged. She was not married yet, but she began to worry about her marriage. It would be great if she got married. She couldn't marry this man. "Do I need your love? Do I really need your love? I didn't drive him away. I was just worried that he would reluctantly follow me because he loved Night Phoenix. I just wanted him to calm down and think about it. And I don't like you. Go! Go away quickly! Go far away from me! I don't care about the Feng Kingdom at all! I will give you the imperial seal? I tell you, I'll marry them as soon as

erous for Cangyue to leave now?" Yang Gezhi asked worriedly.

"Don't worry. I have asked Yun Qi to send some people to protect him. But when he returned to the Chi Kingdom, I'm afraid it's completely destroyed.".

"Well..."Yun Canglan dodged Qin Liuren's eyes and said hesitatingly, "there may be scorching sun herb in the Chi Kingdom.".

Yun Qin and Yun Qi cast a scornful glance at Yun Canglan.

Qin Liuren looked at her awkwardly with a faint smile between his eyebrows, and Yang Gezhi smiled more gentle. Huo Liuyun closed his eyes with satisfaction. Shui Minghan pretended not to see Yun Canglan's unnatural expression, and Lei Tianyan took the opportunity to say, "for the sake of Liuyun's health, we are going to the Chi Kingdom.".

"Yes, it's for Liuyun's health." Yun Qi grinned and looked at Yun Canglan with an ambiguous sight.

Yun canglan played dumb, "well, it's good to have love, it's good.".

"But, what about Xi Zhiyao?"

Yun Canglan's face darkened. What should she do? Xi Zhiyao was not much better than Huo Liuyun. Besides, Xi Zhiyao was a cold man. Few people would like to go with him.

In fact, he was not detestable, but too sticky.

"How about we divide into two groups? We can't delay the investigation of the Lie Kingdom. Minghan first go to the Lie Kingdom to try to stabilize the situation. I'll ask Yun Xiang and Yun Liee to help you. We'll go to the Chi Kingdom, when .We will go to the Lie Kingdom as soon as the Scorching Sun Grass is soothed. ".

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