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   Chapter 259 Xi Zhiyao Versus Lei Tianyan

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She was not only shocked by what had happened that day. No, it was Yun Canglan who took out the imperial seals of the Si Kingdom, the Can Kingdom, the Ling Kingdom, the Jin Kingdom and the Feng Kingdom. She declared that from then on, Yun Canglan would be the emperor of the five kingdoms, and the other emperors of the five kingdoms would remain the same as they were just managing state affairs for her.

People burst into an uproar. Yun Canglan had become a legend.

In the Yeyun Palace of the Si Kingdom

On a big carved bed, a man leaned against the bed. He looked like a lazy cat. His handsome face was pale, but he was satisfied.

Yun Canglan carefully put the soup to her mouth, blew on it and then put it in his mouth. He obediently opened his mouth and smiled at her. The affection in his eyes was so obvious.

Lei Tianyan stood aside, fuming, but his action was enchanting.

"Xi Zhiyao, don't go too far!" Lei Tianyan said through gritted teeth.

Xi Zhiyao lowered his head and felt sad, "Canglan can do it myself. "Then his eyes became darker." even if my leg is disabled. But my hands can still move. ".

Yun Canglan stopped massaging for a while and said: "I can do it. You just woke up. You are still weak.".

This man was so considerate, especially after hearing those words from Xi Quanwei.

Xi Quanwei continued, "although the empress gave birth to my brother, my father doesn't like him, neither does my brother. My brother has never fought against the world, but when he was ten years old, the concubines set her up. My father was angry, and the empress was stabbed into pieces in front of him one thousand and eighty times. Before her death, the empress told brother that she could only get back at her if she didn't fight for the throne. Her son not only needed the Jin Kingdom, but also the whole world. What's more, she even forced her brother to swear that he must be for the world in his whole life and try he best to win the world. So, brother, he shouldn't have fought for the world. He just have fought for the empress's last wish. Brother, he is really tired of his promise. ".

Then, everything in the past turned to be smoke. She did not care about his previous schemes and harm. He finally woke up from the death and came to see through everything. Even when he knew that his legs could no longer stand up, he could only smile in satisfaction.

How could she not be heart broken for such a man.

So the first round between Xi Zhiyao and Lei Tianyan, Xi Zhiyao won.

Lei Tianyan gave him an angry stare, but all of a sudden, his anger vanished and a smile spread on his enchanting face. "Canglan, since you are pregnant, you shouldn't work too hard. You can ask me to feed him with the pills. After all, I'm their boss and I should take care of him.".

Xi Zhiyao raised his eyebrows, "Tianyan doesn't know? "A wife is not as good as a concubine.".

Lei Tianyan's hands were shaking.

The second round between Xi Zhiyao and Lei Tianyan, Xi Zhiyao won again.

Yun Canglan, who was sti

already been forgotten, all flooded back.

Since he had done so much for her, why did he bother himself?

Huo Liuyun opened his weak eyes slightly. The moment he saw Yun Canglan, he smiled, "Canglanr..."

"Okay." Yun canglan replied.

"…II'm fine. "Huo Liuyun insisted on even though he had lost Canglan. He didn't care about the pain.

Yun Canglan held his hand tightly, "you are so stupid.".

Because of her words, "I don't like men touched by other women", she went to clean the lake without hesitation. He knew that she couldn't stand it. It was not that her body had other women's smell, but that if there was another woman in his heart.

Huo Liuyun smiled palely and said: "I would like to be a fool for the rest of my life for you.".

Then, their eyes met. It seemed that they were back to their carefree age. He held her hand walking on the street, gently stroking her hair and letting her play with him. She led a life of chaos and tyranny and he always tried to put in a good word for her parents.

She was the cute girl again.

What a beautiful picture it was, but someone was dejected.

Yan Cangyue stared at Yun Canglan and Huo Liuyun with a hopeful expression, eyes full of envy. He walked quietly towards the door that no one noticed. He made up his mind.

He loved her, too. He was the weakest one among so many men. He was not as beautiful as Lei Tianyan, as powerful as Qin Liuren, as good as Shui Minghan, as talented as Xi Zhiyao, as considerate as Yang Gezhi. What else did he have except for loving her?

But he didn't want to give up.

"Stop!" a sudden sweet shout made Yan Cangyue stop and felt nervous.

"Where are you going?" Yun Canglan walked slowly to Yan Cangyue. Yan Cangyue lowered his eyes, not willing to see her, "leave." there was no place for him to stay.

"Leave? Go back to the Chi Kingdom? "


"If you want to go back to the Chi Kingdom, I won't stop you. But if you go to the clean lake, then I won't let you go." the damned man couldn't give up.

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