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   Chapter 258 Love In Silence

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 9913

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Lei Tianyan was close to Yun Canglan and wanted to block the sword with his own body, but he was pushed away by a strong force. He could only watch Xi Zhiyao's sword get close to Yun Canglan in horror.

Mister Jue Sha and Mister Liu Huo attacked at the same time. They had no choice but to fight against Xi Zhiyao.

Yun Xiang's Zhanhun Broadsword was heavy. He was flustered and anxious. Xi Zhiyao caught Yun Canglan's sword and aimed at Xi Zhiyao's back.

Although Shui Minghan's body was not fully recovered, no matter how fast his kung fu was, he could only watch the shiny sword coming towards Yun Canglan.

The others were shocked by the scene. Like Lei Tianyan, Yang Gezhi and Yan Cangyue wanted to block Yun Canglan's sword, but they were too far away to catch up. Even Feng Gui couldn't help but fly towards Yun Canglan.

Yun Canglan stared blankly at the sword. It was indeed with a strong sword spirit, and it had stabbed her clothes before she reached her, but why did the sword spirit disappear in front of her.

However, she clearly saw Xi Zhiyao's cold face. Suddenly, he smiled, sad and delighted. He opened his mouth slightly and said something to her, without saying a word.

However, Yun canglan understood what he meant. He said, "I love you.".

At the same time, Yun Canglan saw swords, knives and whip coming from the side and behind at top speed.

"Don't stop!"

The hair around her face was waving in the air, and then the sound of her skin and flesh being sliced was heard. It was not only one, but many, many times.

Yun Canglan held Xi Zhiyao, who was lying on top of her, and spun at a fast speed. She moved a few steps, dodging Yun Xiang's Zhanhun Broadsword and Yun Qi's Juegu Sword.

The crowd put away their swords and suddenly found Yun Canglan and Xi Zhiyao standing on the other side of the deck. At this time, Xi Zhiyao was covered in blood. His waist, side and legs were both injured, and blood was flowing. He couldn't support himself anymore and slipped to the deck. Yun Canglan held his head, looking anxious.

Yun Canglan held him to dodge the hit of Yun Xiang and Yun Qi, but Yun Lie's Lieyun Whip severely grabbed his legs. His clothes were broken. Yun lie had used all his strength on the whip, and Yun Canglan knew that his legs were probably badly mutilated and even his bones were exposed. They couldn't be kept.

Yun Qin and Yun Qi's dagger hit his waist. At this time, it was bleeding. Qin Liuren stabbed two daggers into the muscles on his side. The sword hit the middle of his heart. This was probably the most serious stab he had ever seen. He might lose his hope of living.

Yun Canglan immediately pressed several acupoints on his body, but the wound was too deep that blood could not stop. A moment later, a pool of red water had tainted his clothes, and he had become a blood man.

"Yun Qin, come here quickly." Yun Canglan did not know how anxious she was and how embarrassed she looked

he day of the reunion of the nine prominent figures.

On that day at the gathering of the nine prominent figures, when the big ship of the royal family of the seven kingdoms was ashore, people were looking forward to it, but what they saw was something that no one had ever imagined.

Night Phoenix wore Yun Canglan's face as well as two completely different looks, a man and a woman. But Yun Canglan's face looked so harmonious with Mister Night Phoenix's, and it was then known to people who had a slow understanding that Mister Night Phoenixx was actually Yun Canglan's male dress.

This legendary woman had added to her legendary life.

No one could forget what had happened. The sunset was slanting down. A touch of red clothes stood on the deck of the ship in the wind. Her black hair was scattered in the air, but with only her domineering aura. That aura, that killing intent, seemed to be waiting for admiration in the eyes of all the living beings. From the bottom of people's heart, the rising submission was shown in front of her feet.

Behind her, there were several handsome men, all of whom were handsome and elegant.

Shui Minghan, the new emperor of Lie Kingdom, Qin Liuren, the emperor of Jin Kingdom. He looked icy, but domineering. Lei Tianyan, the seventh Prince of the Si Kingdom, and Yan Cangyue, the new emperor of the Chi Kingdom. He was wicked and enchanting, and gathered the essence of heaven and earth to hide his peerless style. Yang Gezhi, emperor of Ling Kingdom; Huo Liuyun, emperor of Can Kingdom. He was as gentle as a jade, bathing in the spring breeze.

The emperor of Jin Kingdom, Xi Quanwei, was clear and spotless. Mister Zi Zhu was shrewd but bright. Mister Jue Sha and Mister Liu Huo thought coldly. Mister Feng Gui was gentle, calm and restrained. The Medical Sage and Poison Sage were dazzling and cold.

Each of them was a legendary figure in the upper class. They are willing to stand behind her and be a foil to her.

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