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   Chapter 257 Slaying Xi Zhiyao (Part Two)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 5101

Updated: 2020-01-20 00:04

In fact, Yun Canglan had no hope of leaving or was just too greedy. If it weren't for the fact that they were not satisfied, the Jin Kingdom wouldn't have been easily broken down by her.

Xi Zhiyao's face paled. He realized he was so careless that he couldn't see through her plan. No, he was too confident. If he had not trusted her earlier, he wouldn't have lost miserably.

Yun Canglan was the winner, but she was not very happy, because without Xi Zhiyao's love and care, she could not make it.

"Later, I arranged for people to create conflicts between the grand preceptor and the general, but they are gradually in conflict with each other. In the back yard of Prince's mansion, lady Liu, the daughter of the Grand Preceptor, lost her child, and Lady Lin, the daughter of the Huguo General, is the most suspicious. This was caused by me. The conflict between the grand preceptor and the general's daughter has completely torn the two sides apart. More importantly, after you left the Jin Kingdom, something happened... "Xi Zhiyao raised his eyebrows and felt more tired. The bad feeling was getting stronger.

Xi Quanwei also frowned and went blank.

"After you left the Jin Kingdom, Lady Tao's hairpin has caused a fight among the women in the backyard. Of course, she is someone that I have arranged to get close to you. Lady Yu was beaten to death, and the Minister of revenue had a feud with the Ministry of Defence and War and personnel department. Lady Liu provoked Lady Lin, and they fought in a melee. Lady

several times. If you really wanted to kill me, you wouldn't trap me in Prince Xiaoyao mansion, but kill me with a sword. ".

Xi Zhiyao lowered his head and laughed again, but it was bitterer.

Suddenly, Xi Zhiyao gathered all his strength to break away from Xi Quanwei and shot towards Yun Canglan. His waistband turned into a sword in his hand.

This moment happened too fast. Neither of them had expected this. They were both unprepared.

He rushed towards Yun Canglan without hesitation. He was so determined that he even wanted to kill himself at the same time.





Countless voices sounded at the same time, but they seemed to come from a distant place, far away. There was no time to stop the sword attack, far away. There was no time to save her.

Yun Qin and Yun Qi simultaneously flew towards Xi Zhiyao, but it was too late to block the sword in Xi Zhiyao's hand, so they had to stab him.

Qin Liuren also pointed his sword at the back of his heart.

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