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   Chapter 256 Slaying Xi Zhiyao (Part One)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 7320

Updated: 2020-01-19 00:34

Although his voice was low, Xi Zhiyao sitting opposite could hear him clearly. When he heard "Canglan", he couldn't stand straight anymore. He staggered a few steps before he finally stabilized.

He looked at Yun Canglann in disbelief. There was great shock in his eyes.It hurt.

Yun Canglan sighed and pulled the scarlet silk scarf off her face. Xi Zhiyao's face became paler and paler. He pressed his thin lips together. His cold breath was suddenly replaced by a strong sense of grief. His cold figure seemed to have countless vicissitudes of life.

"No way. Impossible. It's impossible! " Xi Zhiyao shook his head helplessly, but stared at Yun Canglan's face. The more clearly he saw her, the more sad he was.

He had tried to investigate it in the Si kingdom. Therefore, Yun Canglan was wary of his suspect.

It turned out that he was in the open and she was in the dark. He thought that everything was under his control, but he did not expect that she saw everything in front of him, including him.

Looking at Xi Zhiyao who was much dispirited suddenly, Yun Canglan felt uncomfortable, but she had to face it. She was neither a promiscuous person nor a soft hearted person.

"You have planned everything out, haven't you?" Xi Zhiyao looked blankly at Yun Canglan. She seemed to be nowhere to be found, which suppressed his last confidence. In the past, he was superior, confident and contemptuous of everything in the world. But since he was born, why did he have her?

He loved her and hated her at the same time. He had struggled with each other before and now he was laughing at himself.

Yun Canglan shook her head indifferently, "at the beginning, I only knew that you didn't do it on purpose, so I didn't do anything to defend you. When I was in the Ling Kingdom, you suddenly found the Shuihuang Firm's Secret approaching me, which made me more vigilant. I had fought with the Shuihuang Firm, and I knew it was a tough enemy. If you really discovered their secret, they would be very viciousI'll take a day off! '. Moreover, when I asked you when the secret was, you easily changed the subject. Then, there were continuous problems with the Fengyun Firm in the Lin

k out a lot of Jin that tried to please me.Your n officials of your country. ".

"Since ancient times, the government officials have been oppressing the people and exploiting the people when they don't have money. In the next few months, they've embezzled and exploited the people, not only the people in Jin City, but also the people in Jin Kingdom have suffered unbearable pain. You don't know that of course. You think I'm bored and look for fun, just for the sake of playing with those women for me. But you don't know, the people of Jin Kingdom treat the royal family and the people of the Jin Kingdom like dirt.The court had gradually become dissatisfied, and there were turbulence in the place. You thought that it was just a thug, but in fact, they were all people who were dissatisfied with the local government's oppression of people. The officials in the place were afraid of being discovered about corruption and bribery, so they had to seek protection umbrella. The officials in the court needed to rely on their backings in order to conceal the fact. The Jin Kingdom was always led by Grand Preceptor and the Huguo General, supporting your country with both literature and martial artsIn the Jin Kingdom, the Grand Preceptor and the Huguo General will be the good targets if the officials seek protection. In fact, in the dark, the civil and military officials have already formed two gangs, led by the Grand Preceptor and the Huguo General. ".

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