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   Chapter 255 Prince Xiaoyao (Part Two)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 5703

Updated: 2020-01-19 00:24

Yun Canglan smiled as if they were just talking about the weather. "Mister Yao Xi, you are a hero. You knew you have a twenty percent chance of success, but you still acted calmly. If we are not enemies, I'd like to make friends with you, but..."Yun Canglan paused deliberately and said: "I hope Mister Yao Xi can still be calm.".

Ignoring Mister Yao Xi, Yun Canglan went straight to Xi Quanwei, who had been silent all the time. Looking at the man who knew nothing, she suddenly felt pitiful for him. "Since the seven kingdoms are in peace with each other, I want to ask the Emperor of the Jin Kingdom. There is no enmity between the Jin Kingdom and the Si Kingdom, why do you dispatch troops to the Si kingdom?".

Xi Quanwei's handsome face froze. He looked away in a panic. Yun Canglan waited for his answer patiently, but she knew he couldn't give her the answer.

"It seems that even the Emperor of the Jin Kingdom is not clear about it. Mister Yao Xi, can you give me an answer?" Yun Canglan stared straight at Mister Yao Xi.

Mister Yao Xi was still calm, "Mister Night Phoenix, why are you here to ask me? It was the royalty of the seven kingdoms who should negotiate the seven kingdoms. Didn't Night Phoenix think it was too much? Why do you ask me? Do you think I was also in the fight between the Jin Kingdom and the Si kingdom? "

Yun Canglan raised her eyebrows and flapped the White Jade Fan in her hand. It seemed that the fan was her heart. "Isn't it? Prince Xiaoyao? "

Mister Yao Xi changed his face and narrowed his eyes: "Mister Night Phoenix is talking in sleep.".

"Hehe," Yun Canglan chuckled, "is it a dream or a truth? Why do you have to disguise yourself? How about you

I'm under surveillance! Even if you fawn your death, you won't be able to see Canglan!" He was very confident about that.

Lei Tianyan suddenly burst into laughter and looked at Xi Zhiyao with contempt. His confidence on his face was so strong that he wanted to destroy it. He slowly stepped forward and naturally put his arm around Yun Canglan's shoulder. "Prince Xiaoyao, do you want to say the stupid but smart maid is Xiao Lv?"

Xi Zhiyao squinted his eyes and something flashed in his mind again, but he couldn't seize it. He had a bad feeling. Lei Tianyan continued, "was it because Yun Qin and Yun Qi had great cosmetic surgery, or because Prince Xiaoyao had a bad eye? I had played the Xiao Lv for a long time, but you didn't notice it at all. I'm really sad.".

Xi Zhiyao looked at Lei Tianyan in disbelief, "that's impossible!" He carefully cultivated Xiao Lv and she was not only a kung fu master, but also pretended to be the best. Nobody knew Canglan was at his place.

Lei Tianyan was pleased by Xi Zhiyao's words. He leaned his head against Yun Canglan's neck and asked, "you want to take off your mask, Canglan?"

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