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   Chapter 254 Prince Xiaoyao (Part One)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 7188

Updated: 2020-01-19 00:14

On the deck, the fresh red robe danced with the wind, condensing all the colors in the world, revealing her elegance. Lei Tianyan was enchanting with black hair and red clothes, while she was cold, arrogant and unruly, worshiping the pride and killing that were revered by the world.

After she boarded the deck, she looked at Mister Yao Xi with a faint smile, but her eyes were as cold as ice.

"Mister Yao Xi, you've arranged everything. I'm so moved. Would you like to come out and have a try?" It was obvious that Yun Canglan was provoking Mister Yao Xi.

She said, since I could make you lose the first and second times, I could make you lose the third time.

Mister Yao Xi went rigid with shock. There was only 20% left after Mister night Phoenix finished his painting.

She was the real Mister Night Phoenix. Her masterpiece could prove everything, and this made him more disappointed. He had no scruples about the death of Mister Night Phoenix. But it turned out that Mister Night Phoenix was still alive. No, she was faking her death.

She faked her death to prove that she was wary of him. He even didn't know how deep she hid herself, but she know the him. It's a very bad feeling for him.

"You can't do this, Mister Night Phoenix!" Prince Yao went crazy and came up, but he was stopped by Yun Qin and Yun Qi, and could not approach Yun Canglan in the slightest. "You can't, you can't..."

His power, his wealth, his royal position, all were ruined by a painting. If the painting was spread out, all the people and officials of the Lie Kingdom, who had tried hard to get, would lose their support, and he would be despised by the people.

Yao Taotao didn't have the tenderness and virtuous appearance any more, and she was going to throw herself at Yun Canglan crazily, but she couldn't get close either. Yun Qin, Yun Qi, Yun Xiang and the rest thought they were dead?

Canglan looked at Yao Taotao in disdain, "Yao Taotao, don't waste your energy. Yun Yu is a fast boat. Now Yun Yu is ashore. I'm afraid the ecstasy of Your Princess and Prince has been appreciated by the people on the shore.".

Mister Yao Xi squinted hi

thought it was a rumor, but it seemed

Mister Feng Gui was anxious to explain it to Mister Yao Xi and Night Phoenix. However, Mister Yao Xi looked at Yun Canglan coldly, ignoring Mister Feng Gui's questions.

Yun Canglan gave a scornful smile and answered for Mister Yao Xi: "Mister Feng Gui, if you don't believe me, you can jump into the water to see if there are many people hiding under the water.".

Mister Feng Gui was shocked and immediately walked to the edge of the ship to look at the surface. The surface was calm without any waves, but he believed Mister Night Phoenix for no reason.

Mister Yao Xi kept silent for a long time and finally opened his mouth: "Mister Night Phoenix is indeed a shrewd and thoughtful man. You are right. Except for the people on the deck, I have hid many people, including the maids and servants who came to deliver water. They are all top-notch masters in the world. Even if you are dead, you can't come to the shore. I want to take this ship, Do whatever I want, right? Mister Wu Hen was the best in the world in terms of martial arts. But now he was poisoned with Ruanjinsan. Even if he took antidote, he wouldn't recover in a short time. Liu Huo was holding a mysterious army called yYehuo Liuxing, but now there was only Liu Huo alone. Even though the Medical Sage and Poison Sage both use poison excellent, I may not be the one who loses the game if we take turns in fighting. ".

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