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   Chapter 253 Reunion Of The Nine Prominent Figures (Part Two) (Part Two)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 9166

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Out of the misty sea, a big ship slowly appeared. It was red all over, as bright as blood colored glaze. One glance at it, people would get lost in its enchanting and strong power. More importantly, a figure in red was standing at the head of the boat. She looked so cool in the wind.

Her long black hair flew up in the air, and her back seemed to be a flying Red Phoenix. She was revered, but she had to think about it. There was no trace of disobedience and resistance in her heart.

Her red tassels were blown to the back of her ears by the sea wind, and her black hair was tangled around, revealing her own unique style and enchantment. The White Jade Fan on her waist was swinging. It was not as ostentatious as before, but was more sedate now. There were two identical men behind her. Their good-looking faces were cold, which made the winter even more chilling. Dressed in white, they looked like celestial beings from the heaven, but with a chill aura that didn't come from the heaven.

"He cuts a fine figure of a man dressed in red. His white jade fan makes Jianghu quiver with fear, and his hairpin will save the world. The Medical Sage and Poison Sage devotedly accompany him." Mister Night Phoenix's arrogance, demeanor and demeanor attracted many people's attention?

"Mister.Night Phoenix? "Mister Yao Xi widened his eyes staring at the red figure approaching him: "that's impossible! It's impossible!" Mister Night Phoenix was dead, wasn't he? That sword

Lei Tianyan cast a sidelong glance at him and said coldly, "nothing is impossible for her.".

Above the azure blue sea, a big red ship was like a giant ruby, shiny and enchanting. To be more specific, the dark nether house was filled with bloody souls to lure the boats, communicating one soul after another.

Mister Night Phoenix's face was covered in a red veil, and the rest was unable to be seen except for his black eyes. She made a green whistling sound.

Everyone stood on the deck with their eyes wide open, waiting for the blood red and weird ship to get close.

The rhythm went straight to the soul and heart, tightly binding up the deepest plot.

When the red ship approached, Yun Canglan slowly put down the Fengxue Xiao and stopped Xiao Yin. With her hands behind her back, her eyes stared at Mister Yao Xi who was on the ship with sharp penetrating power.

"Long time no see, Mister Yao Xi.".

Mister Yao Xi squinted at Mister Night Phoenix, "Mister Night Phoenix, aren't you?"

Canglan sneered, "a great man always forgets things. Don't you remember the mountain forest outside the Royal Ancestral Temple of the Can Kingdom and the Prince Ning's House of the Ling Kingdom?"

Mister Yao Xi lowered his head and stated: "it's well known

adult material. ".

Prince Yao's face was blue and blue, and his stretched fingers couldn't help trembling. Yao Taotao, who was holding Shui Minghan, cried in tears, which was not pitiful, but there was a cold whining in her eyes.

Canglan continued, "Prince Yao wanted to ask me why I drew such a painting, right? Interesting. There's no secret in the world that Buye Tower din't know. Of course, Prince Yao and your highness are greatly moved. The vast expanse of land is beautiful and desolate; the love between father and daughter is known by Buye Tower. ".

"Mister Night Phoenix..."Prince Yao's face was filled with murderous look. If Yun Canglan weren't standing on another ship, he would've caused her blood to splash on the spot, "youDon't sling mud at me! "

Canglan raised her hand, and Yun Yu came up. She took the painting from Yun Qi, "take this painting off, so that the people in Buye Tower can copy my essence. In three days, I'll impress Prince Yao and Princess Yao in the Seven Kingdoms across the two continents.".

"Yes, sir!"

Yun Yu took over the painting with a smile, turned around and left. Not long after, a boat rapidly left the red ship. On the boat, Yun Yu coldly and gloatingly looked at Prince Yao, which his mass of fat shaking in the storm. Yao Taotao, who was trembling. Tears flew down her cheeks, and Yao Taotao was burning in jealousy.

Yao Taotao suddenly rushed up like a madwoman and shouted at Yun Canglan, "Night Phoenix, you can't do this to Yao Xi. You can stop her, right? You have arranged everything well. There are your people on the sea, right? Stop her!"

A cold light came out of Mister Yao Xi's eyes and shot Yao Taotao fiercely, and the frosty air in his body suddenly gathered.

Yun Canglan walked on the boat with a smile, followed by Yun Qin and Yun Qi.

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