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   Chapter 251 Reunion Of The Nine Prominent Figures (1) (Part Two)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 7019

Updated: 2020-01-18 00:24

At noon, a boat approached. Mister Feng Gui stood at the head of the boat and got on the ship supported by a servant.

"Good morning, Mister Yao Xi."

"Mister Feng Gui, it's not too late." they exchanged greetings and went to a delicately decorated table on the deck. Mister Yao Xi poured a glass of wine and handed it to Mister Feng Gui, "it's cold. Drink some warm and sweet wine. I'm afraid the rest will need some time.".

Mister Feng Gui took it over and said: "thank you.".

"What a similar scene! When we went to Fengyun Restaurant, only eight prominent figures were invited to the reunion of the nine prominent figures in a short time." Feng Gui spoke to Yun Canglan with pity, "like last time, we are also on the water. But we went there in a boat.".

Xi Zhiyao sighed, "we get the same age, but we are different.".

Speechless again, the couple didn't turn around until footsteps came from the deck. They saw a couple walking slowly towards them.

One of them was in fine clothes. He was about forty to fifty years old and had a fat body. His mild face had a pair of too cunning eyes. The other one was a woman, graceful and sweet, and her green clothes showed a vitality that was inconsistent with the winter. It was very comfortable. The last one was Mister Wu hen, Emperor Shui Minghan.

However, it seemed that Shui Minghan was extremely weak, his face pale, and his body almost collapsed on the woman.

"Hello, Prince Yao, Mister Wu hen"Oh, no, it should be the Emperor of the Lie Kingdom, but you are not feeling well." Mister Feng Gui was a businessman, but he had seen the world.

Yao Taotao leaned forward and held Shui Minghan tightly, "I'm afraid he is not fit for the water. he felt dizzy when the ship arrived. Where is the cabin? I'll go upstairs with the emperor to have a rest. Please call us whenall people are there.".

Her soft voice was so gentle and elegant that any man could not bear to refuse her.

Mister Yao Xi called over a servant and said: "Your Highness, please follow the servant to the cabin. We have already arranged the cabin.".

Yao Ta

Suddenly, a ship came towards them. It was not a big ship, but it was a luxury one. The golden body of the ship was engraved with complicated patterns, and the red paint was extremely dazzling. The whole ship was like a giant ship of gold, making everyone breathless.

Sure enough, when the boat approached, they saw Yun Xiang, Mister Zi Zhu. Yun Xiang wore golden clothes and had an innocent baby face.

Mister Jue Sha and Mister Liu Huo stood behind the boat. The others didn't care about the cold and stern figure at the head. When they got closer, they found it was Xi Quanwei, the Emperor of the Jin Kingdom.

"Why would the Emperor of the Jin Kingdom come along with Mister Zi Zhu?" Mister Yao Xi wanted to ask why Mister Liu Huo and Mister Jue Sha were on Mister Zi Zhu's boat.

Xi Quanwei greeted them with a slight nod, "I.We happened to meet Zi Zhu. Zi Zhu was kind enough to give me a ride. ".

Mister Zi Zhu turned to Mister Liu Huo and Mister Jue Sha, "I wanted to ask you just now. Are you out of business? Or Liu Huo doesn't have a ship, or is Mister Liu Huo losing your job? How about being my bodyguard?"

It was a simple and casual sentence, but they all had different thoughts.

Mister Jue Sha and Mister Liu Huo certainly thought Mister Zi Zhu was making fun of them, but those who didn't know their true relationship misunderstood them, especially Mister Yao Xi.

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