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   Chapter 249 I Will Burn All Means Of Retreat

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The next day after Xi Zhiyao left, the conflict among the women in the royal mansion was infuriated.

Lady Tao didn't know where she got a Liufang hairpin. It was said to be made of the same hairpin as Night Phoenix's hairpin and she didn't want to be liked by Lady Tao and said she wanted something in exchange with Lady Tao. Lady Tao only thought about it for a while but happened to break her hairpin by accident. So Lady Hui asked her to give this hairpin to her. Lady Yu couldn't stand it anymore. Lady Yu went upstairs and said it was for the sake of Lady Tao's theory, which was actually a satire forLady Yu's bullying with her power. At that time, she was hit Lady Yu. Two days later, Liufang hairpin somehow appeared on Lady Yu's head, and Lady Tao was suddenly nowhere to be found.

Needless to say, Lady Tao was murdered by Lady Yu. Lady Ru, Lady Hui and Lady Yu ignored the fact that Lady Tao gave Lady. Yu the hairpin. They beat her up like crazy.Lady. Yu was such a delicate lady that she passed away.

At the same time, lady Liu wanted to eat the blood bird's nest. The kitchen was almost ready, and the maid of Lady Lin quickly brought the blood bird's nest to her master. Lady Liu angrily brought the guard to argue with Lady Lin. Lady Lin had restrained Lady Liu for a long time, and she also used the guard who her father gave her. Two guards had a knife fight in the backyard of Prince Jing's mansion, and Lady Lin was unfortunate to have a knife battle with her bodyguard.Lady Lin was hacked to death by the chaotic sword.

Later, outside the city gate, Yun Qin and Yun Qi blocked the way. They knocked down the pigeon flying hawk and took down the person who rode the horse out of the city. Therefore, Xi Zhiyao, who headed for the sea of two continents, was still unknown.

Both Royal Highness and Emperor were absent. The bodies of Lady Yu and Lady Lin had been displayed in the prince's mansion for three days, and they hadn't been brought up. Because they couldn't get the reply from the Royal Highness they couldn't be put in coffins. Fortunately, it was winter now. After three days, the two beauties hadn't been eaten.

But even if they could wait, their father couldn't.

If his own daughter was beaten to death, how could he maintain his dignified image in the court? Soon, Lady Lin's father Huguo General came to the prince's mansion, together with the Minister of Personnel, Lady Yu's father. Since the prince was not here, they had to seek justice from princess.

Yun Canglan was finally exposed.

In the main hall of mansion, Yun Canglan slowly sipped her tea, sitting on the head of the table. She was so bored that she wondered why the tea had grown bigger every time she met water, and why the tea could float in the water. Why did the tea turn yellow as soon as water was poured into water? Why did the tea have to be produced by hot water? Other puzzling questions haunted her mind ceaselessly.

The Huguo General couldn't help but think, 'he is a reckless man.'.

"Your Highness, my daughter died in your mansion for no reason. As princess, should you give me an explanation?"

The Minister of Personnel also stood up and questioned, "not bad. Yu'er has been taken out of the imperial office


Of course, the imperial guards and city guards would not listen to his orders. However, in broad daylight, Yecha, which made people in Jianghu tremble with fear, took action. The leaders of the imperial guards and city guards were killed under the protection of over 10000 soldiers. The imperial guards and city guards were without heads, and all were controlled by Yecha.

At the same time, all the concubines and other royal children were imprisoned, and now Yun Canglan held the full power of the Jin Kingdom.

Buye Tower had the ability to quickly capture news and even block news. Yun Qin and Yun Qi could control the turmoil in the Jin Kingdom, but later the Jin Kingdom could take the initiative to go out and gather information. Yun Yu arranged Buye Tower and quickly destroyed all the information transmission stations in the Jin Kingdom. The information could be sent out later.

Therefore, Xi Quanwei and Xi Zhiyao, who had not yet left the Jin Kingdom, knew nothing about this.

In the new year's day, the lively atmosphere of the past was not around. The seven kingdoms were in chaos, and people lost and lived bitter. No one cared if it was the new year, and no one cared if they had already been one year old. It seemed that the new year's Eve was also a little sad. The royal members of the seven kingdoms were all cold, the emperor was seriously ill, or disappearance was no better than ordinary people's. The officials didn't dare to irritate the family. The family was no exception.

Especially the Jin Kingdom. The officials in Jin City were still in a trembling state in the new year's day. They couldn't accept this. Yesterday, they saw the emperor and his royal highness off from the capital, but today, the emperor and his royal highness had changed. Didn't they get any news?

They really wanted to patriot. How could they love a country?

After the Spring Festival, it was the fifteenth day of the lunar new year, and everyone was expecting it.

It was not because there was so much fun, but because it was the gathering day of the nine prominent figures, and the day for the emperors of the seven kingdoms to negotiate.

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