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   Chapter 243 Could We Be Gays

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 10114

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In the middle of the night, it was heavily cold. A black figure quickly disappeared in the corner of Royal Highness mansion as if she had never appeared, or was just an illusion.

After coming out of the mansion, Canglan took off the black scarf on her face in disgust, smoothed her hair and got on a carriage which was already waiting at the back door of the mansion. "Hurry up. Keep it down!" she ordered.

"Mistress, don't worry. The horse won't roar." Yun Qi rode the carriage and disappeared in the darkness.

In the mansion, someone was lying on the bed of Xi Pavilion. She seemed a little restless and couldn't fall asleep. Xiao Lv stood in front of the door and looked into the room from time to time. When Xiao Lv saw a tall man walking toward her from outside, she sat up in shock.

"Good evening, Royal Highness." her voice sounded quite clear in the darkness.

The person lying on the bed held her breath and dared not to move. She stared at the looming figure outside the door with bright eyes.

The carriage stopped in front of a door which was not shabby, but was aged. Canglan jumped off the carriage and asked with dissatisfaction, "Yun Qi, can you change a carriage? "My internal organs are fighting!" Yun Canglan was too unwilling to sit on. She seemed to be an idiot because of the inferior carriage.

Yun Qi took Yun Canglan's hand and led her into the house, "time is limited. I don't have time to think too much. If we didn't hurry up, someone will die."

Yun Canglan was even more dissatisfied, "it's none of my business that Yan Cangyue chose to hang himself." A man hang himself? She should really take a good look at it.

"He did that for you!" Yun Canglan was heartless.

"When did you get bribed by Yan Cangyue? Why don't you keep an eye on Mister Tianyan?" Yun Canglan was almost out of breath to catch up with Yun Qi. Damn Yun Qi.

Yun Qi ran towards Yun Canglan: "if a man talks to you every day, and he will punish you with his innocent and tearful eyes. Then he will discuss with you topics like why men like men, why men have to love women, are there women loving women. Besides, you have to endure a pair of hands touching you when wounds are wrapped, for he wants to study and get used to the physical construction of men. In winter, he would have a blooming chrysanthemum to enjoy. For he wants to study the difference between the chrysanthemum and the chrysanthemum. Mistress, do you think I can still calmly guard the door for Minister Tianyan? "

Yun Qi almost burst into tears. If Yan Cangyue didn't torture him so much, Yun Qi wouldn't send Yun Canglan to him?

Yun Canglan fully understood Yun Qi's behavior: "Yan Cangyue is indeed a powerful man!".

"I don't know whether he is a powerful man or not, but I know he is heartless." Yun Qi gnashed his teeth in hatred. If it weren't for the feather of his mistress on his sleeve, he wouldn't have been so wronged.

In the middle of the night, there was a room where the lights were all on and a tall figure could

and walked in slowly. She had never known that someone would treated her so differently. She was detested and hated a moment ago, but now she had goose bumps with love.

"I heard that you wanted to see me?" Canglan made up her mind and determined to drive away the absurd idea of Yan Cangyue.

Yan Cangyue nodded his head repeatedly and asked, "do you remember me? I'm Yan Cangyue. We met at the reunion of the nine prominent figures last time and I protected you. "Yan Cangyue looked at Yun Canglan excitedly with inexplicable light in his eyes as if he was a boy, who was abruptly but afraid of abruptness.

Yun Canglan nodded her head and said: "yes, I remember you.".

Yan Cangyue was even more delighted as he was at a loss what to do. He wated to pour tea. But the tea was cold. He wanted to bring a chair for Yun Canglan. But she had already sat down and had some desserts. It was late at night. He wanted to put on a cloak to keep her warm in the cold room. But there wasn't one. He wanted to make the room warmer. But it seemed that Yun Canglan was sweating.

He was surprised but didn't know what to do. No one would expect that Yan Cangyue, the most romantic man in the Chi Kingdom, would be so stupid.

"What do you want from me? I am a very busy Mister. " Yun Canglan looked at him impatiently, thinking, 'poor kid who were going astray, come here to tell me your ideas. I'm sure to straighten you out.'.

Yan Cangyue faltered, "Do you like to be on the top or as a bottom while making love? "

Yun Canglan spat out blood in one breath.

You should keep a low profile even if you were a gay.

Yan Cangyue suddenly realized that he was too abrupt. He thought for a while and said: "you like to be above or below? "

Yun Canglan was speechless. She thought, 'my God, please take him as your man.'.

Yan Cangyue thought for a while and realized that his words were a bit too direct. He looked at Yun Canglan seriously again and asked: "well, I'm being euphemistic. Could we be gays?"

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