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   Chapter 242 Stir Up Trouble

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 10094

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Yun Canglan woke up in a chair in the main hall of the mansion and had a good sleep.

Xi Zhiyao was already back. He sat in the seat sullenly, with a cup of hot tea in his hand. But he seemed to feel the coldness as if it had just begun to winter.

Lady Liu was not here, and she was probably ill in bed. Yun Canglan wondered if Xi Zhiyao was going to announce her death. If so, she would have no chance to make a scene.

She stood up with a groan and turned pale. Seeing Yun Canglan's pale face, Xi Zhiyao was worried.Yun canglan walked towards Xi Zhiyao, regardless of the six women kneeling on the ground. She asked with guilt, "Royal Highness, is Lady Liu okay? She will be fine, won't she? If anything happened to her, I would rather die than live alone. Waah... It's all my fault. I shouldn't have held the plum banquet. I shouldn't have made a concession to Lady Liu. I shouldn't have hidden myself in the corner of the wall and sighed. I should have taken good care of Lady Liu... "

Xi Zhiyao looked at her doubtfully. She didn't want Lady Liu to die? Why? You haven't played enough yet?

A touch of gentleness and pampering was shown in his deep eyes.

In this case, let her be. After all, Lady Liu is useless.

"Canglan, don't worry. She is fine. The doctor said she needs a few days' rest." after all, it was a woman. As long as Canglan was stopped, she would die sooner or later.

However, Yun Canglan didn't know his so-called useless being useful.

Yun Canglan smiled in surprise, "that's great! How about the baby? Is she okay?" Although she had already known it, she still had to act in front of people.

Xi Zhiyao was cooperative. He pulled a long face right away, and the trembling women kneeling on the ground gave up. Yun Canglan had no intention of pretending, "Oh, the baby won't be now..."

Lady Yu rushed over and hugged Yun Canglan's leg. She cried and shouted, "help! Help! Your highness! Help me! It wasn't me! I was pushed and fell to one side! Ah, it's Lady Hui! She's behind me! She pushed me!".

"You're slinging mud at me. Didn't you see that I was pushed over? I was pushed by Lady Ru. Was it Lady Ru who pushed me? "

Lady Ru rejected, "Lady Hui, this is between you two. I know you don't like each other at all. It's possible that you pretended to push me down to the ground and then pretended to do so.".


The ladies kept quarreling and Xi Zhiyao frowned impatiently. He said nothing when Yun Canglan felt it was enough, "stop quarreling. Royal Highness will find out who hurt lady Liu and killed his son. He will make an explanation for this.".

A fight between women did not stop. It was just a fuse.

A civil and military Minister of Jin Kingdom dealt with the struggle.

Xi Zhiyao might be a master of the seven kingdoms of Xi Zhiyao, as he was talented and talented as an emperor. However, he didn't know the struggle between women and their minds. In his eyes, it was only a jealousy of a woman that led to the destruction of the Jin K

n... "

Grand Preceptor also knew that Yun Canglan had told him the truth. "I've heard that Lady Lin stumbled on Lady Yu? I know it's common for rich people to be jealous. But please give me a satisfactory explanation. ".

Canglan was scared to wave her hands again, "no.No.Lady Lin is gentle and innocent. She won't hurt others. ".

Grand Preceptor changed his tone again. Lady Lin was gentle, pure and innocent, while her families were uncertain. How could you instigate your daughter to murder his daughter.

Yun Canglan continued, "I'm just a daughter of a civilian. I don't know how the women of a powerful family get along with each other. I get along well with sister Liu, so I asked Royal Highness to declare her as a concubine. It seems that I have offended someone because of that. I almost been assassinated by a killer a few days ago. Alas, who is it? Why can she find someone who knows Kung Fu to kill me?" Yun Canglan looked sad and timid.The Grand Preceptor's murmured, but grand preceptor's face grew even darker.

Huguo General was from the jianghu. No one else was able to find the killers.

Embarrassed, the Grand Preceptor made a salute to Yun Canglan and said: "well, I'm leaving now. Please take care of Lady Liu, Your Princess".

Then suddenly, there was a person of the court who impeached the Huguo General and his subordinates for robbing the citizens. Huguo General became furious and killed all the officials and their children secretly overnight.

Then, it was said that Lady Lin had an ambiguous relationship with a certain young man in Jin City, which further revealed the young man's official position. Lady Lin was very ashamed and thought that the young man had died for no reason.

Then, the Grand Preceptor was ambushed on his way up. Fortunately, he had enough guards, and the killers did not want to kill him, which made him a lot of fear.

Later, Lady Liu had hemorrhage again, and the imperial physician diagnosed that it's hard for her to pregnant again.

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