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   Chapter 241 A Murder

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 9714

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The good news of Lady Liu of Royal Highness Xiaoyao spread quickly. Lady Liu of the Imperial Palace gave a lot of gifts to her on behalf of her. She also showed the emperor's great importance to Royal Highness Xiaoyao's first child, and said some warnings to other girls of the Royal Highness Xiaoyao mansion. Therefore, Lady Liu became a special person in Royal Highness Xiaoyao mansion and took the heaven with her.As a member of the imperial household, She was absent from Yun Canglan's fashion class and even asked for a rest. The reason, of course, was that she was pregnant and was not in good health.

Royal Highness Xiaoyao paid great attention to this too. He specially hired an imperial chef from the Imperial Palace and prepared for Lady Liu twelve hours a day. Royal Highness Xiaoyao visited Lady Liu twice a day to show his love, not only greet her, but also give her gifts of gold and silver jewelry. Everyone was deeply attracted by the treasures.

Lady Liu's arrogant attitude aroused the servants' respect. They curtsied to her, and stepped across the threshold again. This time, however, they had stepped into Lady Liu's sideways yard instead of hers. Of course, they had learned her fashion lessons every day, so they had to pay for the tuition fee.

The treasures in Princess consort's room were growing day by day, just like a game.

However, Princess Xiaoyao had been very low-key recently. Other than the pale figure that could be seen in her daily fashion course, she was rarely seen in general. Rumor had it that she had been alienated. Recently, she suffered from frequent health problems.

According to a guard on duty, Royal Highness had sex with Princess Xiaoyao in the evening. However, Princess Xiaoyao had repeatedly sneezed, and the imperial physician diagnosed that he caught a cold and was easily infected. In this case, Royal Highness hadn't come to his wife's room for a few days, and Princess Xiaoyao was heartbroken.

One day, Royal Highness finally got over the cold, and when he entered Princess Xiaoyao's room again in the middle of the night, he saw a strange rash on her body. The imperial physician diagnosed that the rash was easily infected. For several days, Princess Xiaoyao was depressed.

Gradually, the rumor and Princess Xiaoyao's sad face aggravated and the fall of love seemed to be a foregone conclusion. Xi Zhiyao became more and more busy. He ignored the rumor that Princess Xiaoyao depressed and the small scandal in the backyard.

On this day, the plum blossoms in Lady Tao's yard were blooming brightly, and the fragrance of plum blossoms everywhere made the other ladies extremely envious. Lady Tao immediately proposed to give a banquet in her yard, and other ladies immediately agreed. Even Lady Liu and other ladies who didn't go out of the yard recently agreed.

It was indeed a good day. Although the wind was a little cold, it w

wonder the prince ignored her.

Lady Lin glared at Lady Liu, who was smiling brightly in the middle of the crowd. Her eyes flashed with malice.

Yun Canglan didn't say anything else but left with a sad face, looking for a corner.

Lady Lin went to the upper seat with a bag and squeezed in the middle of the women. The women had already fought with each other to make up to Lady Liu. In addition, someone was heartbroken. Lady Yu suddenly lost her balance and fell towards Lady Liu. Lady Lin didn't care about her weight, but she just fell on Lady Liu's belly.

"Ahhh!"The complacent smile immediately turned into a whine, "my belly, my belly..."

It didn't matter that she shouted. The other women behind her couldn't support themselves, so they slipped and fell down. Then Lady Hui directly fell on Lady. Yu, and the upper part of Lady Ru pressed on Lady Yu, so did Lady Lin and Lady Yu. Finally, Lady Tao was able to stand steadily, and she tried her best to step on the ground, but at the same time, .Lady Tao screamed and passed out, when she saw only Lady Liu's head on the ground.

"OuchHelp, my belly... "

The deafening cries stunned the servant girls. At this time, Yun Canglan, who was planted with mushroom in the corner of the wall, walked slowly towards them and shouted in surprise, "what game are you playing? Be careful of the baby in Lady Liu's belly.".

"Help! Help! HelpSave my childPlease save my child... "

It suddenly dawned on Yun Canglan that they were not playing a game. "Help! Help them!" she shouted.

It was true that someone had been killed. When the maids pulled up the ladies, they saw Lady Liu lying on a soft couch in her last gasp. Her eyes were rolling in the air. She was breathless. The ornate dress was stained with much blood, which became pitch black, very terrifying.

"Ouch! Help. Report to Royal Highness!" Yun Canglan screamed and passed out.

"I'm afraid of blood.".

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