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   Chapter 239 Lady Liu Was Pregnant (Part One)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 5907

Updated: 2020-01-15 00:22

The seven kingdoms on the two continents finally got chaotic. The Jin Kingdom fought against the Si Kingdom across the continent. The Si kingdom could have fought against their enemies, but suddenly the news that the Crown Princess Yun Canglan was missing suddenly came out. The Si kingdom was thrown into chaos. The Jin Kingdom won repeatedly, and extended its boundary to the Si kingdom. The Si city was dangerous. What was worse, the emperor of the Si kingdom was seriously ill, and the seventh prince was drunk all day long. It was around the time for the kingdom to die.

The Feng Kingdom, the strongest country in the Seven Kingdoms over the two continents, had suffered from economic instability all of a sudden. Several pawns and wallet houses were attacked continuously, and two industries, which were the most stable and stable in the country, were devastated. The rest of the industries were affected, including the industries under the Fengyun Firm. The Jin Kingdom was in unprecedented danger for a moment. It was said that the Emperor of the Feng Kingdom was poisoned in the imperial palace. Now, there had no leader of all the officials in the court, and the strongest country was in danger.

The old emperor of Lie Kingdom was dying, while Prince Yao was in the name of the sixth Prince's future father-in-law, gradually gathering political power, and half of the officials in the court attached to Prince Yao. The sixth prince came back in a hurry, but he was nowhere to be seen. Everyone knew Prince Yao's intention, but there was nothing we could do.

Huo Liuyun, the Emperor of Can Kingdom, had been missing for days. Can Kingdom was in danger since emperor left. Now emperor was nowhere to be found, and some hidden forces showed their heads. Ho

his is the top ginseng from my family. You have lost too much blood, so you should pay attention to your health." Yun Canglan checked her arm. In fact, she could replace the gauze with band aids. Indeed, she had bled too much.

"I'd like you to have more bird's nest soup. You see, I was so scared just now.".

Lady Tao gave them a seductive smile and said, "oh my God! All of you are easy to get inflamed. Do you do it on purpose to make Princess worse? "Lady, I made some light dishes for you. I hope you will eat them.".

Lady Yu and Lady Hui were unhappy to hear that. "Lady Tao, is it because you can't eat grapes? If you can't take out these things, then don't pretend to be a rich man in front of us. How can Princess eat your food?"

Lady Tao was born in a brothel. She was arrogant and said, "what's wrong with the food I made? I didn't poison Princess completely. I wonder whether Princess can eat the food you give her.".

"Lady Tao, what do you mean?"

"Do I have to? "Princess was assassinated? Are you jealous of her? Alas! Don't mention me! I was born in a brothel! I can't hire a killer! As for someone, I don't know! He is from a powerful family!".

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