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   Chapter 238 A Scheme

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Yun Qin and Yun Qi sighed as they saw the three men lying on the ground.

It was not until the poison of Yun Canglan had completely dissipated that Lei Tianyan released Yun Canglan unwillingly. Yun Canglan had smelled the blood in the yard before. Anxious as she was, she couldn't do it. Damn Tianyan was like a hungry wolf.

Putting on her coat, Yun Canglan slowly walked out of the room. Under the moon, Yun Qin and Yun Qi stared at the three corpses on the ground, one cupping their chin and the other resting their hands on their hips. They haven't come to a conclusion yet.


" If we buried Yan Cangyue, that is ok. It's a pity for them. They can be used as a scapegoat.".

"Is Yan cangyue really dead?"

"He's not dead.Am I right? ".

"He is bleeding a lot. Damn it!".

"He should be dead! Urge the two idiots to kill their mistress!".

"Emperor of the Chi Kingdom, do you recognize Mister Tianyan as Mister Night Phoenix?".

"It's possible.".

"Then will we save him or not? "Save him, or Mistress will kill us.".

"Then save him.".

"Wait a minute, there's not enough blood."


Yun Canglan walked up to them and stared at the three bodies for a long time, then she said slowly: "ah, there were three dead man in front of my house. Who killed them?"

Yun Qin grinned and raised his hand, "Hey, it's me.".

Yun Canglan also grinned at him, "Wow, it's Yun Qin. I've heard a lot about you.".

Yun Qin broke out into a cold sweat and cried in his heart, 'oh my God! Mistress' was screwed up.'.

Sure enough, Yun Canglan's face changed with a ferocious expression, like a demon crawling out of hell. She stared at Yun Qin and said with her mouth wide open, "Damn it! Did I ask you to kill them? I'll just ask you to keep them at bay. If they're dead, I'll be the hero tomorrow! ".

Yun Qi covered his ears with his hands in order to prevent Yun Qin from gnashing his teeth. Yun Qin had made a mistake, so he didn't dare to touch his ears and just let the roar torture him.

Those women couldn't wait to take action. Damn you! You killed them. How did I kill them since I'm too weak? Just tell me! "

Yun Qin's face turned green. Enduring the cries, he looked at Yun Canglan with fear and whispered, "mistress, Yan Cangyue is dying." if so, he would cry.

Yun Canglan suddenly stopped talking. She took a look at Yan Cangyue and sighed, 'why is he bleeding no matter where he goes?'? The mark of "some certain" was too special.

"Save him! He's going to die. You two join him." Yun Canglan shouted.

Yun Qin was finally released. He took out the silver needle from his bosom, squatted down and tapped on Yan Cangyue's body.

Yun Qi had nothing to do but touched the strawberry by mistake. He swore it was really careless.

"Mistress, is strawberry good for health in winter?"



There was a fourth corpse on the ground.

Lei Tianyan happened to come out and heard Yun Qi's words. He came up to Yun Canglan like a lazy cat and asked in a hoarse voice, "Is Canglan's strawberry founded ?"

Yun Canglan cast a stern glance at him. It was all this damned bastard's

to hide themselves in such a open place, so they'd rather talk outside with the cold wind.

Yun Canglan put her index finger on her lap and beat it rhythmically.

"The Lie Kingdom is not peaceful. We need to take back all our forces and place more informers. I will go to the Lie Kingdom as soon as things are finished here." Yun Canglan thought the Lie Kingdom could be delayed, but it seemed that someone couldn't wait.

"Yes, mistress." Yun Qin replied. He was thinking about how to respond as soon as possible according to the instruction. Yun Canglan had obtained the imperial seal of the Can Kingdom, the Si Kingdom, the Ling Kingdom and the Feng Kingdom. The Chi Kingdom and the Lie Kingdom were also easy to get. But they didn't expect a slip up. The Jin Kingdom had the most powerful intelligence agency. Xi Zhiyao was a real headache for Yun Canglan.

"Mistress, how about Xi Zhiyao..."

"No, I can handle it. You go back first. The affairs in the Jin Kingdom will have a result in a few days." Yun Canglan turned around and faced Lei Tianyan who was still at odds. "Lei Tianyan, you..."

"I won't go back." Lei Tianyan interrupted Yun Canglan firmly. Yun Canglan frowned and said, "but the situation in the Si kingdom are nervous..."

"The Si kingdom is yours, not mine. It has nothing to do with me whether I live or die." I only care about you.

Yun Canglan sighed with profound resignation. Lei Tianyan changed his tone and said above her head, "Canglan, just do it. I don't know if it's because of you. You seem to be a little timid. Although I don't have any top-grade martial arts, my self-protection ability is less than Qin Liuren's, but Canglan, don't worry, I won't be your a stumbling block. I like the old cool and unrestrained you. "Lei Tianyan said coldly. He was determined to be cruel, but not showing any mercy. Only in this way could he be the real Yun Canglan.

Yun Canglan lowered her head and remained silent for a long time. She was wondering if her scruple made Lei Tianyan think he was her burden. If it was, she wouldn't care anymore.


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