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   Chapter 237 Let Go Of Me

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 9826

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Another full moon night came. At dusk, Xi Zhiyao suddenly received a secret report that there were a few forces of the Si Kingdom entering the Jin Kingdom. The border between the two countries was more tense. The Si Kingdom began to counterattack, and they actually took the initiative to call for a fight. The emperor couldn't make the decision, so Xi Zhiyao had to enter the palace overnight.

And this full moon night, this empty full moon night, had changed everything.

He thought that since he was well prepared, but everything had changed.

A round moon was hung into the sky. The sky was overcast, but it looked as if it was covered by a thin gauze. The night looked mysterious.

In the evening, Yun Canglan finished her dinner and asked all the servants to leave. She even didn't see the lady of the official who came here for no reason.

Under the vast soft moonlight, a figure in light from an open wall was reflected in front of it, like a painting. She had already taken off the mask, revealing her pretty face. There was a slight unnatural pale on her snow-white skin, but the joy on her face couldn't hide. She looked at him with her beautiful eyes.

She stood there quietly. There was a little chill in her plain white dress, but she still stood there until the door was opened slightly.

Looking back, her longing was like a luminous pearl that suddenly lit up the whole room. She gently opened her red lips, with infinite missing, and said, "you're here.".

He was like a fire, and the flames in the room created a warm atmosphere, but with a hint of ambiguous and bewitching atmosphere, a faint fragrance of pear flowers spread in the room.

Lei Tianyan ignored her and snorted coldly. He turned his head away, avoiding the eye contact with her.

"Are you angry?" Yun Canglan slowly walked up to him with her hands behind her back, looking at him with a smile.

"Humph!" he turned his face to the other side, and the longing in his eyes betrayed him.

"All right, all right. Don't be angry. You know it, don't you?" To tell the truth, she really didn't want to say it, as if a man was persuading his wife to accept his mistress.

Lei Tianyan immediately turned his head and stared at Yun Canglan, his pretty face full of anger, "how many more friends do you want to provoke?" 'this damn woman! How could she do this when I was not around?'.

Yun Canglan scratched her hair and said sheepishly, "well, Well.Don't we have a deal? "Yun Canglan said?

"But I'm still angry. Is there any other way?" Lei Tianyan puckered his lips, full of embarrassment on his face and his dashing eyebrows tightly knitted. Yun Canglan's heart ached.

It was really just a little.

"I called you here." Yun Canglan said.

"But I'm still angry." Yun Canglan thought, 'damn Xi Zhiyao! I hope he won't interfere with my life.'.

"Oh, don't be angry. I'll make it up to you, okay? Can you stop angry.You will be the f

he met Night Phoenix, he finally realized that he fell in love with a man. After he recovered, he left the Si Kingdom silently and found Night Phoenix with his mother's telepathy. He didn't know why he wanted to see Night Phoenix. But he was determined to have a try.

He saw Mister Night Phoenix enter the room with his own eyes. He was still as enchanting as when he first saw Night Phoenix in a red robe. Damn, there was a woman in the room.

He stood on the tree in a daze, unable to hear what they were talking about, but he could see the woman clearly. She was Yun Canglan, the woman who was his sworn enemy. He watched them embrace each other through an open window. His heart seemed to be torn apart for no reason.

Didn't they say that they were brother and sister? They were sworn brothers and sisters.

He was so stupid to see them flirting with each other and the damn Yun Canglan leaning against him. He wanted to jump off the tree immediately, but he was not qualified.

Mister Night Phoenix was a legendary being. However, he himself was not only a man, but also an ordinary man. He had nothing but the emperor of the Chi kingdom. He was so proud and mighty. Would he be willing to be with him regardless of the world's opinions, the objection of his relatives and friends? Ha ha, he doesn't even have any hope of his own, why is it so difficult for him.

The two killers looked at Yan Cangyue's gloomy eyes and cursed him for being crazy. When they stared at the closed door, a assassin knocked at his back and stabbed his broadsword at his back.

Yan Cangyue was indeed distracted. He even didn't hear the sound of the knife cutting the night sky. It was too late when he realized what had happened. He felt a terrible pain on his back as if his back was on fire. The smell of blood soon filled the whole Xi Pavilion.

Yan Cangyue felt nothing but pain and cold. Then everything went black and he completely lost consciousness.

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