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   Chapter 236 Fashion Course

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 9338

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Several empty rooms in Xi Pavilion suddenly opened recently. In Royal Highness Xiaoyao's mansion, there were hot discussions about it, "Yun Canglan has opened the fashion course about seducing men." People used to greet with a question, "have you eaten yet?" But now people would ask, "Have the course started?"

Finally, the day came. On that day, the sky was clear. The snow kept falling. The wind was blowing, and the cold air was blowing. Flowers were in full bloom and the leaves were falling …

A maid shouted, "the course starts... "

Canglan's fashion course finally began. In addition to the previous officers, the maids of the mansion could also apply, but the registration fee was no more than 15 Liang per class. The officials had the willing to prepare gifts. v

The main subjects of the fashion course include"the essential course to seduce men", "allow men to be your belongings", "men like this kind of woman" etc. And these subjects made maids take out all their property because they all have dreamed of seducing men.

Xiao Lv stood in the courtyard, swinging the bells in her hands. The maids went into the courtyard one after another, with expectations and suspicious blushes on their faces. Lady Liu and the other six ladies got up early. They were holding a VIP treatment, and when the maids sat on a small stool, they were at least on soft chairs.

Yun Canglan stood in front of the other door in a lazy way. The officials lined up outside the door and submitted their registration fee. Only after Yun Canglan had a look about it then they could enter the hall.

"Ah, the sister of Vice Minister Yang, don't be so polite. It would cost you a lot of money to give me the diamond. Come in, please.".

"Wow, purple fruit? How do you know I like purple fruit? But the fruit is too expensive to find. You are so kind, the sister of Minister Fang ".

"Oh, it's the sister of Minister Dong, one of the scholars. This gift is so expensive. I can't accept it...Well, I see. I'll take it. Don't worry. Have a seat for honored guests. ".

"What's this? night-luminescent pearl? The night luminous pearl? I'm sorry, the sister of Minister Liu. The table is full. "Said Yun Canglan.

Since ancient times, there had been cases where greedy officials took bribes and bullied people. Now, there was Yun canglan, oh no, Princess Xiaoyao got benefits from wealthy people.

The onlookers had been in fear for the whole morning. When they finally entered the Xi Pavilion, Yun Canglan held a whip and started lecturing.

"Today is the first class. Let's skip it. Let's have a discussion on 'fashion' and 'man'. As for these two things..."

People were stunned. If she was not going to have a class, they shouldn't have spent so much to get in.

"As for fashion. it is w

head and looked at him.

You think I owe you after sleeping with you. That was wrong.

Xi Zhiyao looked at Yun Canglan, his heart full of joy, and said sweetly, "it's almost noon. I'll have lunch with you.".

"Okay." Yun Canglan agreed directly, pretending not to see the light in his eyes, "now that you are here, you can come with me.".

Xi Zhiyao glared at Yun Canglan angrily. However, Yun Canglan still pretended not to see it.

The ladies were very happy to have the chance to approach his highness, especially lady Yu. She offended his highness last time and didn't attend the family feast. It was a great opportunity for her.

"Your Highness, what do you like to eat? I'll ask the servants to prepare it." Lady Yu walked to Xi Zhiyao and held his arm like a beautiful snake.

Yun Canglan stepped back and looked coldly at Lady. Yu. She thought, 'how foolish she is to seduce Xi Zhiyao in front of so many people. It's courting death.'.

But Yun Shang was too generous to pretend nothing had happened

Yun Canglan glanced at Lady Liu and saw her face changed. She thought Lady. Yu wouldn't live long.

Time passed as Yun Canglan idly made the Jin Kingdom a territory like a village girl. A month later, Yun Canglan gave full play to the fashion topic and saved the ladies' hearts from change. She successfully made her personality, makeup and strong personality popular to Jin Kingdom and even go abroad.

Among them, "judging from men's appetite, we can see men's desire; why do the panicky appearance change", "seducing men must kill a man", "revealing also has charm..." these major subjects were recited by women of the Jin Kingdom.

During the past month, Xi Zhiyao was busier and busier, and she didn't see Xi Zhiyao often. But at night, Xi Zhiyao strangely appeared on her bed. Of course, he didn't do anything. He just slept.

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