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   Chapter 235 Eat It

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In the cold night sky, so many stars were abruptly defeated by the radiance of the full moon. The light of the full moon not only shone the entire sky, but also made the ground bloom with a boundless and attractive light. In the winter, the sky was clear and the full moon was clear. Such a beautiful night scene in Royal Highness Xiaoyao's mansion of the Jin Kingdom looked a bit dismal and it looked a bit solemn in the Royal Palace of the Si kingdom.

Behind the screen, the two peony trees and butterfly shaped wings on petals seemed to be alive due to the mist, which was more vivid. A vague figure was reflected on the screen, but it was more beautiful and obscure. In the air, besides the faint rose fragrance, there was a faint fragrance of Red Spider Lily, which was attractive but strange.

Yun Canglan lay in the bathtub, covered with enchanting red rose petals, leaving her snowy shoulders on the ground. Her snow-white skin looked radiant. A myriad of thoughts crowded into her mind.

When the hot water was served, she held back Xiao Lv. It was a sad night. Even if she couldn't get through, she didn't want others to see it. So she could only stay in this room by herself.

She wondered whether Lei Tianyan was fine or not. Lei Tianyan must be very worried after she disappeared on the wedding day. It was all her fault to take everyone into account, except Xi Zhiyao. She couldn't get in touch with them and they couldn't find her. She wasn't sure whether Lei Tianyan could deal with the situation.

Her parents and Grandpa may also be very worried about her. Her mother had always been in poor health and she could be ill if she was too anxious due to Yun Canglan. Grandpa was old, but he still worried about her. She deserved to be punished.

Why didn't Yun Yu's subordinates get any news? It seemed that they had to do the cleaning up. Yun Qin and Yun Qi must be worried about her tonight. However, they didn't know what they would do if they only saw a totally disfigured corpse when they found her.

Ye'er and Kuang'er hadn't seen her mother for a long time. Were they quarreling every day? They were too young and willful. Yun Canglan wondered whether Shui Minghan and Lei Tianyan could take it.

Oh, well, as for Minghan, how's his fiancee? Her marriage must be a terrible blow to him. 'Qin Liuren and I were not married at last. Should he feel lucky to protect the Feng Kingdom, or should he feel sad? What happened to Yang Gezhi? He was the most sensitive one. If he knew I died, could he bear it. I wondered how Huo Liuyun was getting along with the children and whether he had returned to Can Kingdom. How was Yan Cangyue? If he died, I would have no hope to live.'

She thought about everyone but fell asleep.

When she woke up again, she was waken up by the sore pain and discomfort in her body. Unconsciously, she had slept for more than an hour, which

ao asked anxiously when the imperial physician released Yun canglan's hand.

The old imperial physician's face was as pale as ashes, and his hands were trembling slightly. It seemed that he was going to die. "Royal Highness, Yun Canglan has indeed been given the philter, but it is not an ordinary one. This poison is extremely domineering and vicious. If there is no antidote, she will soon lose her mind, and then her whole body will slowly fester, and die..."

Xi Zhiyao widened his eyes, unable to see or hear. Something was on his mind destroying him.

Yun Canglan's impetuous behavior in bed stabbed his heart and let his whole body hurt.

After a long time, he finally came to his senses. He stared at the woman with a last ray of hope and asked, "what's the antidote? Who has it?" 'it's not too late. She can't die, Canglan can't die.'.

The old doctor looked sad. It's unknown whether it's for Xi Zhiyao or for Yun Canglan, or for himself.

"Please forgive me, your highness. There is no other antidote for this philter. The only antidote is man... "

Xi Zhiyao went blank for a moment and looked at Yun Canglan with his fierce eyes. After a while, his fierce look turned into tenderness.

Yun Canglan curled up on the bed. Her remaining sanity made her hear the doctor's words, as well as feel Xi Zhiyao's sight.

"No, I refuse it..." Her scorching body temperature made her throat dry, but she didn't realize that her husky voice was more attractive for Xi Zhiyao.

The old doctor stood aside gingerly until Xi Zhiyao shook his hand. Then he left the palace and no one saw him.

The room was quiet again. Xi Zhiyao stood in front of the bed for a long time, until Yun Canglan could not hold her breath and fell into the darkness. Then, she could only open the thin curtain by her instinct because of the philter.

The moon was more rounded, but the cold light could no longer shine into the room.

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