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   Chapter 234 A Full Moon Night

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 9685

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At the dinner time, Xi Zhiyao came back from outside. He looked a little tired. Xi Zhiyao was busy these days. He went out early and came back late. Was Xi Zhiyao, as a royal highness of Xiaoyao, free from all worldly affairs? Xi Zhiyao's dark circles, his absent-minded eyes and unstable steps indicated that he was not indulged in excessive sexual desire.

When Xi Zhiyao entered the room, the servant was picking up food for Yun Canglan. Xi Zhiyao asked her to add another bowl and chopsticks.

He sat opposite Yun Canglan without even asking her.

Oh, I forgot. This is his room.

"Are you busy lately?" Yun Canglan stared at Xi Zhiyao with an obscene expression.

Xi Zhiyao paused and looked up at her, hiding his true feelings with a smile. "I just returned to the capital. Their invitation is everywhere. I have to go.".

"Okay..."She uttered the word "Oh" for a long time, which was obviously unbelievable. "Your Highness, you are busy every day. Take care of yourself. Look at you, you are indulged in the sexual desire. The concubines must have sent beauties to you a lot. Don't be embarrassed. Take them all back. I'll help you teach them a lesson.".

Xi Zhiyao's eyes lit up and he teased, "Canglan, are you suggesting that I haven't spent much time with you recently, or are you jealous?"

Yun Canglan was not angry at all. She grinned and looked at Yang Gezhi in the eye, "do you know why you are narcissistic?"

Xi Zhiyao pretended to be stunned, then he burst into laughter. "Hahaha, every time I'm with you, all the haze and fatigue don't exist. You're really my treasure." he stopped laughing and looked seriously at Yun Canglan. "Canglan, I don't want to let you go even more. What should I do?"

Yun Canglan cast him a scornful look, "do you think I can't get in touch with the Si kingdom because you kidnapped me? You know what, I will contact them sooner or later." Xi Zhiyao was relieved that them hadn't got in touch with Yun Vanglan yet. "After I get in touch with them, you must let me go.".

"Then I will go to the Si kingdom to propose for a marriage. We will be in good relationship." Xi Zhiyao spoke of his plan with a smile, and his eyes were deep. It was hard to tell whether he was joking or serious.

Yun Canglan wanted to find out something from his eyes, but failed again. His eyes were even far away than the starry sky and bottomless than a pool. "You're joking. Do you want to be one of my husbands?"

Xi Zhiyao smiled and shook his head, "no, I will be the only one.".

"The only one?" Yun Canglan sneered, "how ironic it is to say the word 'only' from a man's mouth. In your opinion, which man is the only one? Even the traffickers are greedy.".

Xi Zhiyao frowned and asked, "aren't you?"

Yun Canglan shook her head seriously, "I admit I'm not a woman who loves purity." purity meant nothing to her. "I have Huo Liuyun, Shui Mingha

o squinted his eyes and obviously sensed something was wrong with her. "Canglan, what's wrong with you?"

Canglan supported the table with one hand and placed the other in front of him for a few times. "I'm fine. I just feel uncomfortable and restless during the full moon night, so I don't want to see you. I just want to be quiet.".

Xi Zhiyao didn't buy it, "do you want me to call the imperial physicians over?"

'damn it! Yun Qin and Yun Qi can't cure me. What's the use of being a doctor? "Yun canglan refused. 'Xi Zhiyao, Xi Zhiyao, now you have to kill me.' Yun Canglan thought.

"Why are you still here?" Yun Canglan raised her head and saw Xi Zhiyao standing quietly in front of her. Her handsome face was a little sad, "I'll get angry if you don't leave. You're so annoying." the poison began to spread slowly. From 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., she was weak and couldn't move. The poison attacked her a thousand times.

Xi Zhiyao still wanted to say something, but Yun Canglan was impatient, so he finally agreed. "Okay, my room is next to it. If you feel uncomfortable, just call me. Don't bear it yourself.". Then he cast a glance at Yun Canglan before he walked out of the room and closed the door.

As soon as Xi Zhiyao left, Yun Canglan lay down on the bed, as if paralyzed, powerless and somewhat desperate.

If she had known Xi Zhiyao would take her, she wouldn't have thrown the scorching Scorching Sun Elixir away.

She didn't know if Yun Qin and Yun Qi have found her or not. It was useless to find her. They wouldn't get involved in this. If only Tianyan was here.

The servant came in to clean up the bowls and chopsticks. Then Xiao Lv glanced at Yun Canglan and asked worriedly, "Your Princess, do you want me to prepare some hot bubbles for you?"

Yun Canglan replied lazily, "okay. Go ahead." she wished to be clean before her die.

'Oh, my God! I'm going to die!' Yun Canglan yelled in her mind.

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