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   Chapter 233 The Meet Gift

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Yun Canglan slept until late in the afternoon. When she heard the noise of servants coming in, she washed and dressed while preparing lunch. The servant girl Xiao Lv was in the room, but now she was obviously much more focused and terrified than before.

Yun Canglan didn't care whether she was still mad at her.

"Where is Royal Highness?"

The servant Xiao Lv stopped and answered cautiously, "Royal Highness went to the court in the morning and hasn't come back yet.".

Yun Canglan's eyes rolled as she thought, 'the court ceremony was over long ago. Xi Zhiyao must be somewhere else as he didn't come back.'.

"Princess, lady Liu and other ladies have waited outside for their greetings. Do you want them to come in?" This was also one of the reasons that Xiao Lv sect didn't dare to neglect. It only took a day to capture the seven ladies. This Princess from nowhere was definitely not a weak opponent.

Xiao Lv used to think she was a fool, but it turned out that she was just different with ordinary people.

Yun Canglan, who was dressed up as servant girls, yawned as if she hadn't woken up, "it's noon anyway. Arrange the lunch in the main hall and eat with them.".

"Earlier this morning, many servants in Jin City were here. They said they were going to visit you and were waiting in the main hall. But, lunch..."

Yun Canglan's eyes lit up at his words, "how fast you are coming! Ask the chef to prepare more dishes for us.".

Xiao Lv wanted to say that it was out of the line, but after a second thought, she gave up. The princess was a little weird.

The ladies of the officials who had waited in the hall for the whole morning were dissatisfied, but they didn't dare to show it. After all, although Royal Highness Xiaoyao was not in power, he was the only brother of the current emperor. It was said that the emperor relied on him so much. It was not easy to have a princess, so they certainly wanted to curry favor with him.

They were all excited when they heard that Prince would invite them for lunch.

At noon, Yun Canglan, dressed up as a village girl, followed by legion, went into the main hall. The well-dressed ladies were all shocked, but they still went against their conscience to flatter.

Yun Canglan sat in the front seat of the hall, and Lady Liu sat next to her. Other ladies of the officials also sat next to their husbands. Only the ladies of the officials' houses twitched their eyes as they saw the harmonious scene.

"Your Princess, you are well-dressed and fashionable. Where did you buy these clothes?" One of the women said.

Canglan smiled modestly as she touched the green towel on her head, "Royal Highness said he likes this kind of simple style, so I ordered some for him. I can't buy it.".

All the ladies were enlightened. "You have a good taste. Let's teach these bumpkins some other day.".

Yun Canglan immediately agreed, "great! If you are okay, just come to my mansion. I'm so boring. I won't hide my true ideas about how to dress, but..."Yun Canglan paused deliberately, reminding the concubines, "I'm from a businessman, and there is

r properties are left here. Please keep them here. They're all valuable items for fun.".

Canglan nodded her head with satisfaction. Standing among the shiny golden treasures, the image of village girl was more obvious. "Eh, this purple jade coral is good. Who brought it here?" As she spoke, she bent down and picked up a palm sized delicate coral from a big box, playing in her hand, with a faint joy in her eyes.

"Thank you very much, your highness. It's me who brought it here. I'm glad you see it.".

Yun Canglan was glad as the woman agreed, "you are the wife of the Minister of Defence and War, right?".

The lady nodded. Yun Canglan continued, "I heard that the Ministry of Defence and War is talented, and he needs a vacant seat. Don't worry. I'll put in a good word for you.".

Hearing this, the wife of the Minister's wife was so happy that she almost fainted. Husband, I didn't fail the task.

The other concubines were both jealous and pitiful. The princess didn't like the gift they gave her. She heard Lady Liu flattered her, so she whispered in the Royal Highness's ear. Lady Liu was indeed a concubine. The Minister of Defence and War was so lucky to be promoted to Vice Minister. It was said that she couldn't get promoted to Vice Minister even after one year.

Next time, I have to ask my husband to try harder to find something nice and send it here. Maybe princess will like it and will get Vice Minister easily. '.

Canglan played with the purple jade coral in her hand, waved her hand and asked the servants to take them out one by one. "Last time, I told you that I would teach our younger sisters fashion. Are you free?"

"Yes, of course!" the ladies agreed as they were good at flattering.

"Then ask your friends to register their names at Xiao Lv. But I don't like people who give up halfway. Since they have registered their names, they have to stick to the end.".

"Sure, sure.".

"And by the way, I'll teach you very hard.".

"Of course, of course.".

Everyone knew what she meant, so there was no need to speak it out.

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