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   Chapter 232 A Little Vulgar

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 10258

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"Your Highness, all the girls are dressed up like this today. Shouldn't you comment on them?"

She just took a mouthful of water and sprayed it all out.

The maids were in a panic and withdrew all the dishes they had just prepared. The kitchen was in a mess because of a word "Royal Highness sprayed out and re cooked." the imperial physician stood at the door and waited at any time. Because his lordship seemed to be uncomfortable, he could not even wash his mouth.

Xi Zhiyao put down his teacup stiffly and turned to Yun Canglan. It was the first time that Yun Canglan had seen his dark eyes

Canglan, stop teasing me, okay? I want more food.

However, Canglan wanted to tease him again. She turned around and ignored him.

However, the six beauties looked at Xi Zhiyao with eager eyes. Xi Zhiyao was also a royal member, so he could bear the blow. After all, he regained his composure after drinking a cup of tea and elegantly looked at the six women opposite him and began to comment on them one by one.

"Lady Liu, this flying bun is special in shape, which symbolizes a exotic temperament and good workmanship. Lady Lin's makeup was elegant, like a lotus blooming, good. Lady Tao's flower on Liuyun's bun was just to the point. It was so beautiful as if all flowers were in full bloom. Where had Lady Ru's clothes been made? How about red and green color. This parrot hairpin was unique and exquisite. It was a good thing. And her lips and nails... Ahem... "Was she poisoned? "Infinite tenderness, enchanting and mysterious, very good, very good.".

Xi Zhiyao took up the cup and drank the water as soon as he finished his words. He didn't expect it to be so difficult to say something against his conscience.

The six beauties were wild with joy.

Yun Canglan secretly gave a thumbs up to Xi Zhiyao. Xi Zhiyao was indeed good at lying through teeth. Yun Canglan admired him.

"This afternoon, I found that aria is gentle and skillful while chatting with other ladies. Besides, Royal Highness needs a concubine. Could you please marry Lady Liu?".

Lady Liu was overjoyed. She thought Yun Canglan didn't mean to offend her, but she really wanted to be promoted.

Surprised as they were, the other five ladies were more jealous of Lady Liu. After all, they should have fawned on her earlier.

Xi Zhiyao's eyes suddenly narrowed. He turned to Yun Canglan with some displeasure, but Yun Canglan didn't seem to know it. She laughed heartlessly, laughing an ignorant woman who didn't flatter the old saying, "a cultured woman doesn't need to be envied of the virtuous and virtuous woman, who took her husband as her husband and called out a woman for her husband, and she also laughed happily. She played the role of an ignorant woman of 10%.

Xi Zhiyao stared at Yun Canglan for a long time until the maids began to put dishes on the table. After a good rest, the imperial physicians standing at the door finally opened their mouths, "I'm okay with it as long as Canglan likes it.".

Xi Zhiyao hit the nail on the head.

From then on, Yun C

lowered his head a little and moved closer to that fragrant place. He even took a few dragonflies on her red lips without tasting them.The taste was not as lingering and sweet as he had expected, but his heart was throbbing with excitement.

With a single touch, he felt his heart was going to jump out of his chest as if he were a young man with little knowledge of the world.

All of a sudden, he saw the messy black hair lying on the bed. It was his and Canglan's. The hair was entangled with the black hair. He couldn't tell her's and what he's. Suddenly, he pursed his lips and laughed.

It felt so good.

In the morning light, a warm feeling like spring came over her. There was a bedroom, a bed for her and him. She curled up in his arms while he held her shoulder.

They looked like a loving couple.

Xi Zhiyao sighed with satisfaction. If he had planned and planned all his life, he might never get the chance to do that in the first place. He had worked so hard in this whole life, but now he just couldn't get any ideas about what his real purpose was?

In the blink of an eye, the comfort of getting up was dispersed by a silent sigh. He stared at Yun canglan with nostalgia for a long time before he finally gently moved his arm, careful not to wake her up.

After getting out of bed, he put on a coat, walked to the dressing table, picked up a pair of scissors, and gently went back to bed. His warm hand caressed her cheek as if she was a treasure in his heart.

After a while, he reluctantly took back his hand and slightly cut her black hair on her bed with the scissor.

The sound of crunching was extraordinarily clear in a quiet morning.

He put a piece of black hair carefully into his chest, the closest place to his chest, then put down the scissors, and walked out quietly, leaving a long and helpless sigh.

The moment the door was closed again, Yun Canglan suddenly opened her eyes, not sleepy at all.

She remained silent as she stared at the closed door. Then she closed her eyes.

Xi Zhiyao

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