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   Chapter 231 Am I Beautiful

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 9588

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They all lowered their heads and dared not to take a step recklessly. Yun Canglan walked into the living room, shining with joy. They didn't know the origin of the sudden appearance of the princess and her personality, so they'd better be honest.

Canglan, as proud as a peacock, walked through the middle of the two people and sat on a chair. Then she said slowly, "sisters, don't be restrained. Take a seat." her voice sounded as clear as a spring. The seven ladies slowly sat down, slowly raised their eyes, startled and slowly fell to the ground.

She raised a corner, with a sad face and a bitter smile on her red lips. She wore the grand purple Lulu immortal dress, covered with qiluo Qiwu colorful robe, and the mysterious and elegant purple dress made her look like a nouveau riche Richie.

That would never end.

Her hair curled up in circles. Tier upon tier, it was called Shelly, but with a green rose in the middle, the huge lotus was not found. Otherwise, it could be used as an umbrella when covered above her head.

A butterfly shaped hairpin made of two wings was placed next to the peony flower. As it flapped its wings, birds were suddenly amazed. Yun Canglan lowered her head and waved her hair.

Lady Tao wanted to ask whether Princess was the same people with her?

The seven ladies got up awkwardly and looked at Yun Canglan's shocked posture, speechless. If they knew the Royal Highness liked this kind of taste, they wouldn't have studied the problem of taste hard.

Yun Canglan was satisfied with the scene that everyone was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. She put her hands on the armrest and leaned against the back of the chair, as lazily as a cat.

"Hey, girls, am I beautiful?" She looked like Yanni.

The seven beautiful women were shocked again. Fortunately, they had some immunity this time, and they did not get into the chairs. However, all of them just stood there with cramps on their faces and opened their mouths, unable to utter a word.

Yun Canglan was not an unreasonable person. She covered her mouth with her long sleeves and laughed. "Roar, let me feel ashamed. Royal Highness said, I need to punish my family first. Haha, we all appreciate it. But I'm not good at it. I will rely on you afterwards.".

Lady Liu smiled and flattered her. "It's my honor to share your worries.".

Yun Canglan was glad that someone complimented her. "Lady Liu, you are indeed a lady from an eminent family. Look at you, I can stand in front of the Royal Highness. You will be the emperor's concubine.".

The joy on Lady Liu's face didn't appear on her face. She thanked the servant, and then left. But she was overjoyed inside. Other ladies were envious of Lady Liu and also surprised at her. How could she be so nice?

Before the others had time to react, Yun Canglan said: "my sisters haven't answered my questio


It was just a family feast. The seven ladies got dressed as if they were joining a union of the whole country. They came in with a variety of decorations. The clear and melodious sound of gold and silver made Yun Canglan almost think that she entered the chaotic skill team.

Look, a hairpin flying from the head of the flying bun and a fist sized pearl under it could be used as a mirror. Colorful flowers were coiled in tender bun, attracting people's attention. When did the beauty turn into a shameless man? Was he supposed to sing the song 'handsome man and shameless?'.

Yun Canglan sniggered with admiration.

However, she had never thought that her dress, which was rich in country and combined with the dual charm of upstart and dust, had worked immediately. In just half a day, the seven ladies of the mansion changed their taste.

She was really smart

Xi Zhiyao was obviously not as calm as Yun Canglan. When he entered the palace hand in hand with Yun Canglan, he was stunned with a pair of affectionate, lewd and half laughing eyes on the red green cover. Suddenly, he heard the clicking of his chin and a voice shouted

"Call the imperial physicians. My Royal Highness has a bad jaw."

The imperial physician came as fast as he could. Xi Zhiyao tried hard to suppress the punks in his heart, and finally gave Yun Canglan a thumbs up. After a long time, he finally regained his composure and sat on the throne.

Yun Canglan sat next to him, looked proud.

The six beautiful ladies who thought themselves to be well-dressed in countryside finally liked the Royal Highness. They winked at Xi Zhiyao frequently, which gave them a powerful image.

"Ahem"Go ahead... "If he didn't eat now, he would have no appetite at all.

When the maids began to set the dishes, Yun Canglan said slowly, "Royal Highness, since all the girls are dressed up like this, shouldn't you judge?"

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