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   Chapter 229 The Idiot

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"Do you still want to say that you will marry me in the Jin Kingdom?" Yun Canglan looked at Xi Zhiyao scornfully and wanted to give him the pet name of the first place in the world.

Xi Zhiyao realized Yun Canglan's doubt. His eyes darkened. He nodded, "yes.".

Canglan almost lost her breath. She thought, 'Why am I angry because of him? I shouldn't let him influence my emotion.'.

Yun Canglan changed the topic: "Xi Zhiyao, I know you are much more scheming than Xi Quanwei, why were you not tring to be the emperor before?" If he was willing to, she was sure that Xi Quanwei wouldn't take the throne.

How could Xi Quanwei resist Xi Zhiyao, the scheming wolf with his weak body?

Xi Zhiyao paused, but continued smiling, "what's so good about the emperor? Being surrounded by assassins and forced by many officials to marry a concubine from time to time, is not as comfortable as Royal Highness Xiaoyao. I could enjoy the fascinating landscape of the mountains, rivers and the world as I like, and the beauty is reckless.".

Yun Canglan's heart skipped a beat. Looking at the handsome Xi Zhiyao, who was not affected by the mortal world, Yun Canglan suddenly doubted, 'is Xi Zhiyao really a scheming man? He is not a rich or powerful man, but he said something romantic.'? Did he really have an ulterior motive?

The carriage went silent again. Nobody said anything on the way.

In this way, the carriage soon flew out of the boundary of the Si Kingdom and entered the boundary of the Jin Kingdom.

Yun Canglan sometimes looked out of the window. Maybe because of the confrontation between the two countries, the border of the country became more and more desolate. There were several thatched cottages on the side of the road, but in order to avoid the war, the common people had already been able to run, and the only thing they could do was to wait for death.

Occasionally, one or two teams of soldiers who were on patrol stopped them with loud weapons. Xi Zhiyao held the token and walked out of the car. Xi Zhiyao had traveled the Seven Kingdoms across the two continents for a long time, and the pass of the seven kingdoms was within the question. Moreover, he was in the Jin Kingdom now, which was his territory.

On the ninth day after her disappearance, they arrived in Jin city of Jin Kingdom. Xi Zhiyao took her straight to Royal Highness Xiaoyao mansion, but her identity was still kept a secret. Even her skin mask was changed to a charming woman with a mournful face.

The first female master of the Royal Highness Xiaoyao mansion moved in.

Unexpectedly, Xi Zhiyao arranged her into a nice courtyard called Xi Pavilion. Looking at the clear mountains and clear waters, fragrance of flowers and birds singing, Before Yun Canglan said, "Xi Zhiyao, you finally realize your conscience." The maid named Xiao Lv, who was sent to serve her, winked at Yun Canglan and said," this is the yard of Royal Highness. How lucky you are. His Highness has never allowed any woman to enter. ".

Yun Canglan said valiantly, "bah!"

Pointing at the heaven, she cursed, "o

icking the dust on him with his slender hands. "I've been very busy these days, so I ignored you. I'll apologize to you later, okay?"

Yun Canglan banged the bowl on the table, the voice was so loud that Xiao Lv's legs went limp. "Xi Zhiyao, don't treat me as the sissy. I thought you were playing a trick on me and you thought I would wipe my nose and wait for you to be favored. I seriously said you didn't deserve me.".

Xi Zhiyao was in a trance, but he still smiled, "of course you are different, Canglan.".

Yun Canglan was enraged at Xi Zhiyao's words, "Xi Zhiyao, can you be more like a man? Can you tell me directly why you tied me up to this place? Tell me if you want me to help you to make your mansion a pauper. I would like to do you a favor".

Xi Zhiyao smiled and gently lifted Yun Canglan from the chair, leaving the restless female quiet. Of course, he could think of other methods, such as acupoints.

Yun Canglan sat angrily, her eyes rolling.

"Xi Zhiyao, don't do this to me. You are bullying me!" Yun Canglan said.

Xi Zhiyao wiped her mouth gently with a silk handkerchief and said, "as a girl, don't swear at me.".

"Damn it! I'm married."

"You're a girl. Don't call you a woman. Besides, you're not married. You haven't gone to the temple yet." Xi Zhiyao insisted.

"I have already worshiped the Royal ancestral temple."

"They are not your ancestors. You should go with me to worship our ancestors in Jin Kingdom."

Yun Canglan turned her head and said nothing. Xi Zhiyao felt he had punched in cotton all of a sudden.

After a long time, she stared at Xi Zhiyao unwillingly and asked, "Xi Zhiyao, what on earth do you want? Will you let me die as soon as possible? "

Xi Zhiyao stared at Yun Canglan intently as if he was struggling. Yun Canglan could see endless love hidden in his mysterious eyes, and her heart beat faster under his hot and contradictory gaze.

After a long time, Yun Canglan thought he was going to turn into a stone for women, and he spoke suddenly, "I want you to ravage my women.".

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