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   Chapter 227 Kidnapping (Part Two)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 5669

Updated: 2020-01-12 00:24

Yun Canglan gasped with joy and expectation. The familiar voice was like a flame in the darkness, lighting the road ahead. She didn't need to move on too difficultly.

Savior! Savior.

Xi Zhiyao looked up at the happy face of Yun Canglan and felt uncomfortable, but he didn't show it.

Before Yun Canglan took action, Xi Zhiyao suddenly pointed at her acupoints. Yun Canglan couldn't speak or move. Her eyes were full of anger and unwillingness.

Xi Zhiyao disregarded her resistance and resentment. He calmly took out a human skin mask and put it on his face. His every move was elegant and noble.

As for the mask, it provided a pretty ordinary appearance. Xi Zhiyao hid his brilliance and the sharpness of his eyes. The ordinary mask with a brocade wide robe concealed his original appearance, even including his original temperament. In the blink of an eye, a noble man with an extraordinary temperament had become a very common person who could be knocked down by piece of a brick easily.

Yun Canglan lay on him, and their intimate gesture made Yun Qi who looked into the curtain amazed.

Yun Qi looked Yun Canglan up and down for a while, and then searched Xi Zhiyao's face carefully before he spoke.

"Who are you? What are you going to do?"

Xi Zhiyao spoke slowly with a smile on his face. His voice turned husky and raspy, "Sir, as you can see, I am a businessman in the Liu city of Jin Kingdom. My wife suddenly suffered from a strange disease a few years ago. She couldn't speak, and couldn't reach out. Sometimes her eyes were strange with madness. I heard that there are countless famous doctors in the Si kingdom, so I specially took my wife to visit those do

say anything.

Xi Zhiyao frowned and covered his nose gracefully, smiling, "Canglan still has her own personality.".

Yun Canglan snorted. She jumped off the carriage valiantly and looked around.

Xi Zhiyao came closer to Yun Canglan and spoke like a man who took care of his wife: "don't look for them. They will not come back anymore. They have searched the whole city.".

Yun Canglan was depressed. 'They had searched the whole city, but she couldn't understand how those jerks of military law learned. Why couldn't they settle down after searching? Couldn't they wait to see what would happen next?

They should have considerated that it is the border outside this city. And it would be even harder to find a person in the chaos of the border.'

Xi Zhiyao was happy that Yun Canglan was depressed. He held her tightly in his arms with no smile on his face but an anxious look. He moved towards an inn while mumbling, "Darling, hold on, please. You'll be fine soon. I'm going to fetch some food for you." You could hold on. ".

Everyone in the inn focused their eyes on them, which made Yun Canglan want to die.

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