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   Chapter 226 Kidnapping (Part one)

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Huo Liuyun bumped into Yun Canglan, losing his balance. He panicked and rushed to her as if she was his savior. He grabbed her shoulder, eyes full of tears.

"Canglan...Canglan... "

Yun Canglan didn't feel good, and her heart seemed to be caught.

"What's wrong? Take your time. ".

Lei Tianyan and Qin Liuren had thought Huo Liuyun wouldn't give up the idea of snatching the bride. But when they saw Huo Liuyun, they got anxious.

Huo Liuyun held Yun Canglan tightly and breathed quickly, "Canglan, Ye'er and Kuang'er are missing. "

Yun Canglan was shocked and asked, "what did you say?"

"After I sent you away this morning, I wanted to see Ye'er and Kuang'er. But they didn't get up. I waited outside. Then I couldn't help but push the door into the room, only to find that they were gone. We searched everywhere in the Imperial Palace, but we didn't find them..."Huo Liuyun almost choked with sobs. Ye'er and Kuang'er were his love that he had lost and recovered. Now they were missing, how could he not be anxious.

Yun Canglan's face turned pale, "the imperial palace is heavily guarded. They are all well guarded. How can they just be missing?" A myriad of thoughts rushed into her mind all of a sudden. She kept telling herself to keep calm at this critical moment.

Huo Liuyun replied as if he had reached his limit, "we've searched the Imperial Palace, but found nothing. Some people have started looking around. I'm so worried. Shui Minghan asked me to find you to contact Yun Yu." he didn't know who Yun Yu was, but Yun Yu seemed to be able to find Ye'er and Kuang'er.

Yun Canglan suddenly understood, "the wedding shall be suspended. Yun Qin and Yun Qi, you contact Yun Yu, Yun Lie, Yun Xiang and Yun QI. Ask all of them to find Ye'er and Kuang'er in two hours.".

"Let's go, too." Lei Tianyan and Qin Liuren also looked worried. They couldn't bear to see Yun Canglan's anxious face. The wedding couldn't go on as it seemed odd, but so what? In Yun Canglan's mind, Ye'er and Kuang'er were of great importance. Although the wedding could be postponed, Ye'er and Kuang'er couldn't wait.

Qin Liuren took off the inconvenient golden crown and decided to act at once. "I'll go out of the city with my hidden guards to look for them. Canglan, don't worry. You just go back to the palace to wait for the news. Otherwise, even if we find them, we won't be able to inform you.".

Lei Tianyan held Yun Canglan tightly, fearing that she couldn't hold on any longer. "Yes, don't worry. We have so many people, and we will find them sooner or later. I will bring Ye'er and Kuang'er back safely.".

Yun canglan nodded stiffly with the support of a maid. Lei Tianyan, Qin Liuren and Huo Liuyun gave a worriedly glance at Yun Canglan before they left.

For a moment, the wedding, which was supposed to be boisterous, suddenly stopped. The people outside were confused, but they could faintly smell an unusual atmosphere.

The ancestral hall instantly became quiet. Yun Canglan sat on a step blankly, and her maid put a cloak on her, and all the guards stood around her to protect her.

She was indeed in a panic

to hold her as a hostage. She was not afraid. Let's wait and see.

"Ahem...Is there any water? " She didn't know if it was because she ate too fast, or because the man in front of her made her choke.

Xi Zhiyao immediately took the can and fed her carefully, patting her on the back with one hand. He looked at her gently.

After a while, Yun Canglan felt much better and continued to eat snacks, "what do you want for the sake of the Jin Kingdom? The Si Kingdom doesn't have money or people. Why Jin Kingdom pesters the Si kingdom? " After Xi Quanwei returned to the Jin Kingdom, the Jin Kingdom began to attack the Si kingdom. Something must have happened.

Xi Zhiyao also drank some water and looked at Yun Canglan. His eyes were blurred as he said, "you're in the Si kingdom." he pointed at Yun Canglan and yelled, "you're the biggest crisis for the Jin Kingdom!".

Yun Canglan suddenly stopped chewing. She stared at him for a long time, "Royal Highness Xiaoyao?" Yun Canglan shook her head and said with a bitter smile, "I have witnessed many things.".

Xi Zhiyao still smiled, but he became alert for no reason.

The carriage was still running and was a little bumpy sometimes. Fortunately, there were many soft cushions inside the carriage, which prevented the cart from tumbling. Yun Canglan didn't talk. She leaned against a corner and closed her eyes to rest. Xi Zhiyao kept his eyes on Yun Canglan. His gaze was always fixed on her. Sometimes it hurt; sometimes it was flustered.

Yun Canglan could also notice his sight, but she ignored it.

Yun Canglan decided not to offend Xi Zhiyao for he hid too deep.

Along the way, it was quiet outside the car, which surprised Yun Canglan. Didn't they look for her as she disappeared? With the ability of Buye Tower, they should have already got the news.

When she was in deep thought, some sounds were heard around the carriage, including the sound of hooves. Then there came a crisp and anxious voice outside the carriage.

"the Emperor of Si Kingdom, order us to strictly check the carriages coming in and out."

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