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   Chapter 225 Boiled Lian Xing

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 10008

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Lian Xing held the long sword in her hand and triumphantly looked at Yun Canglan standing by the door, painting her various death expressions in her mind and feeling comfortable.

But why? It had been so long, why didn't she hear the hundred of men still didn't come out?

"What?"Lian Xing shouted again with his internal force. The branch trembled but nobody moved. The dozen palace guards looked at each other. They didn't know what to say?

Yun Qin and Yun Qi folded their arms, stood by the door and looked at the woman standing in the middle with interest.

Yun Canglan stood at the door, waiting quietly. When she felt a little tired, she leaned against Lei Tianyan, about to have a nap. Lei Tianyan straightened, towered his shoulders, and casually leaned against the wall. Qin Liuren looked at them jealously. The jealousy in his eyes turned to pleasure. Jealousy didn't matter. As long as he could stay with YunCanglan, he didn't need to care about it.

Lian Xing looked at Yun canglan, who was idly flirting with a man, and was very angry. What's worse, where were those damn gangsters? I thought we've got everything ready? Damn it! I'll skin them alive when I get back. '.

Lei Tianyan looked at the tired Yun Yun Canglan and didn't have the heart to refuse her. "Can you do it as soon as possible? Canglan is tired. ".

Hearing this, Lian Xing went completely mad. She pounded in the air and rushed towards Yun Canglan with her long sword in her hand.

Lei Tianyan just turned to face Yun Canglan in his arms. Qin Liuren gently flicked his arm, and Lian Xing was thrown aside. Yun Qin and Yun Qi also joined the fight, and Lian Xing was taken back within a few movements, not even using their weapons.

Lian Xing's hairpin dropped in the fight, and her elaborately dressed hairstyle was scattered, many of her hair covering her face. She was so embarrassed.

She glared at Yun Canglan with a ferocious look, "Yun Canglan, what did you do?" She didn't believe it. No wonder she was so kind to have a fair competition, no wonder she was so arrogant when she only brought a dozen people with her. It turned out that she had planned everything well in advance.

Yun Canglan blinked innocently, "I did nothing. Didn't you see it? I arrived here not long ago. ".

"Bah, dare you do it but not dare to bear the responsibility?" Lian Xing wanted to kill Yun Qin and Yun Qi, but she didn't give up. "If you didn't do anything, you wouldn't fight against me."

"A fair duel? I just asked to give you the chance, but you called me twice. It's really not fair." Lei Tianyan smiled dotingly and held Yun Canglan even tighter. The lady in his arms was very vindictive.

Qin Liuren finally knew Yun Canglan's true colors. This woman was scheming and shameless, and no ordinary person could deal with her.

Lian Xing was speechless. She stared at Yun Canglan angrily, as if she wanted to eat her alive. Yun Canglan looked back at her as if she didn't feel pain,

again and again, and the cries of pigs rose and fell one after another.

"Ouch Ah Help Yun Canglan.How cruel you are .Help... "

In the big water tank, the whole body of the woman, bubbling with hot water, greeted the woman in delight. The white and red fish had become red and swollen from red to neck, and even some flesh began to roll over, with ferocious blood vessels and bones. Now, only one face could be seen, but the face was grinding teeth.She screamed.

"Kill me.Ah.Yun Canglan.Kill me if you can.Ah.It hurt.Ah... "Lian Xing sat in the middle of the water and couldn't move. She could only shout, and the strange thing was that she couldn't even bite her teeth, so eating her tongue was a luxury.

"Gee..."Yun Canglan couldn't bear to turn her head, "don't torture her. It seems that she knows she's wrong.".

"Gee!" Yun Qin and Yun Qi, who seemed generous and saved people from fire and water, went up to the water tank with two buckets of tonics. They chanted the God of mercy and poured the two barrels into the water tank.


"Ahhh!"Hearing a scream that broke through the sky, the water tank sizzled a cigarette. Lian Xing rolled her eyes and went out with the King of Hell for a cup of tea.

Yun Canglan sighed and turned to Yun Qin and Yun Qi, "a good girl indeed. But what did you get from the lake?"

The two answered, "oil.".

Canglan was stunned and thumbed up. "Better than blue.".

Yun Canglan covered the quilt again, supported by Yun Qin and Yun Qi, and walked out of the ancestral temple. When she passed by the boiling water tank, she stopped, smelled the smell of roasted meat and felt vomit.

You are the wife of the King of Helll. How dare you rob my man.

The sound of the breeze came back, and the three figures in red moved slowly towards the gate of the ancestral temple. This episode became a story that could be blown away by the wind. However, before they walked out of the ancestral temple, someone rushed in from outside.

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