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   Chapter 224 An Accident

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Lei Tianyan fixed his eyes on the perfect figure of Yun Canglan as she walked towards him. His eyes were full of affection. There were tears in his proud eyes.

The day finally came.

She wore the wedding dress for him and the hood for him. What she did today was for him. Although there was another man by her side, he knew that at this moment she only had him in her heart.

After their wedding day, she would be his wife, the wife that he longed for.

Qin Liuren was also excited. Although he knew Yun Canglan didn't like him, when he saw her slowly walking towards them in her wedding dress, his heart couldn't help beating faster.

They hadn't known each other for a long time, but they seemed to have experienced a lot. From indifference to love, from disgust to remorse, from self-respect to turning to be strangers, they had suffered a lot. Even this wedding was a special luck, but he was already satisfied, really.

At least, unlike Shui Minghan and Yang Gezhi, who could only watch Yun Canglan behind. Or Huo Liuyun, who had no expectation or hope.

Qin Liuren jumped off the horse and came to Yun Canglan in two or three steps. They were separated by a handkerchief, so close to each other.

Yun Canglan didn't see the front but felt the darkness. She saw a pair of blood red boots under her veil and instinctively knew that he wouldn't be Lei Tianyan.

Yun Qin and Yun Qi looked at each other. Seeing Yun Canglan didn't say anything, they didn't move.

Qin Liuren took out a small box from his chest and handed it to Yun Canglan. With a cautious and flattering smile on his cold face, he said, "this is my bride price. I promised to give it to you.".

Under the veil, Yun Canglan looked at the blurry figure in amazement.

Qin Liuren was waiting for Yun Canglan's answer, with his hands still stretched out.

Yun Canglan couldn't see Qin Liuren's face or expression, but she could guess from his voice that he must have knitted his dashing eyebrows with deep affection in his cold eyes.

"Okay, I take it." After saying this, Yun Qin took over the box and put it in arms.

Qin Liuren gave a bright smile and came closer across the handkerchief.

The tall figure turned around and quickly rode on the horse. Immediately, Lei Tianyan suddenly smiled at him. They were gentle and polite, and there was no gap and jealousy between them.

Yun Canglan carefully got on the sedan. The Xi officer shouted, "hanging around the streets..."The large group headed for the central street of the Si city.

According to the rule of the Si Kingdom, royal members should visit the streets first after they got married, receive people's respect and blessing, go through the central street to the ancestral hall to worship their ancestors, and then return to the imperial palace to restart the ceremony.

The purpose of Lei Tianyan's last wedding was to lure out Lian Xing, so there were no more complicated things. However, this wedding was different. Not only the Crown Princess, the seventh prince, but also the Emperor of the Feng Kingdom. It had been an international engagement, so everyone had to be prudent.

Yun Canglan's

n't know, but I did when I went to the temple.".

Lian Xing asked with a guilty conscience, "then why were you not poisoned?"?

Yun Canglan looked down upon her. She was too young to be her opponent? "Since we've expected you to show up, how can I not be wary of you, who's good at using poison? "You know the Medical Sage and Poison Sage. This jade plate is right." Yun Canglan pulled the jade plate on her body and Lei Tianyan and Qin Liuren to Lian Xing, "the Medical Sage and Poison Sage said it could hide all kinds of poisons. It seems to work.".

Lian Xing was infuriated. Her chest heaved. She didn't understand why Yun Canglan always compromised to her flawless arrangement?

Yun Canglan felt pitiful for Lian Xing. She must be living a hard life because of her low intelligence. She deserved sympathy.

"How about this? I will give you a chance to have a fair fight. If the three of us don't fight with you, you can shout for your men at will and we will fight with each other. What do you think?"

Lian Xing glared at Yun Canglan as if she was an idiot, "what tricks do you want to play?"

Yun canglan said innocently, "nothing." can't I show sympathy for you? "I just want to give you a chance." it was still early to get married.

Lian Xing looked at Yun Canglan carefully, as if Yun Canglan was watching her. After a long time, Lian Xing darted to the door without warning. Lei Tianyan and Qin Liuren stood on the left and right, and three red figures spread out like a lot of Red Spider Lily led off by the nether world.

When the door was opened, Yun Qin and Yun Qi had no time to react. Lian Xing rushed out and cried out, "action!" she first stood on the open space outside the ancestral hall with her long sword, ready to fight.

She had already discovered that today only a dozen royal palace guards, Yun Qin, Yun Qi, two servants as well as Lei Tianyan and Qin Liuren were the wedding guards. She didn't believe that hundreds of "Mietian" sect masters she dispatched would not win.

Most importantly, Shui Minghan, the number one Kung Fu Master in the world, didn't come.

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