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   Chapter 222 A Test (2)

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A sound of hoarse groan drew Xi Zhiyao's attention back. He stared at Yun Canglan coldly.

Yan Cangyue didn't know he had made a mistake, still clinging to Yun Canglan's clothes.

It was just his instinctive reaction.

In his dream, he dreamed Night Phoenix, who always in his dream. He also smelled the flirtatious scent, the fragrance of Red Spider Lily. So he desperately tried to hold the scent, and stopped him from leaving. He repeated Night Phoenix's name in his dream again and again.

No one knew Mister Night Phoenix was by his side, but he was in another identity.

"Canglan, are you okay?" Xi Zhiyao asked worriedly and was about to lift Yun Canglan up, but Yun Qin stopped him, "please behave yourself, Royal Highness Xiaoyao. Mister Lei Tianyan is here.".

Lei Tianyan didn't help Yun Canglan up, but stepped forward to block Xi Zhiyao's sight.

Lying on Yan Cangyue's body, Yun Canglan felt that her shoulder was bleeding. Fortunately, she was wearing black clothes and nobody could see her wound, but she had a faint smell of blood. She had to tell the truth.

She failed to touch the wound of Yan Cangyue. He didn't bleed. Instead, she exposed herself.

Yun Canglan lay on Yan Cangyue's body in an awkward position. Fortunately, he was asleep, otherwise it was hard to explain.

Boo! How could she have time to think about this.

Xi Zhiyao narrowed his eyes and asked in a dangerous voice, "it's unknown whether Yun Canglan has fallen to the ground. Since I have to avoid arousing suspicion, why don't you worry, seventh prince?"

Lei Tianyan was anxious, "Canglan is fine. I was going to help her up. She said she was fine. Obviously she is fine." he hoped so.

Yun Canglan moved slightly. The newly opened wound was as painful as a fire, but she had no choice, because she had to move with pain.

Yun Canglan struggled to stand straight because her sleeves were tightly gripped by Yan Cangyue. She couldn't stand upright. "Don't worry, Royal Highness Xiaoyao. I'm fine. I just fell down.".

Yun Qin looked back at his mistress and hesitated to move aside. But he didn't look good. Lei Tianyan looked at Yun Canglan sadly. He knew her wound was bleeding.

Yun Canglan looked at Xi Zhiyao and said: "thank you for your concern, Royal Highness.".

Xi Zhiyao stared at Yun Canglan, trying to find something from her, but he couldn't see anything except calmness. "That's right. If Yun Canglan falls, I'll be heartbroken.".

Lei Tianyan looked at him discontentedly, "Royal Highness Xiaoyao, do you think I'm dead?"

Xi Zhiyao smiled and said nothing, but his eyes were still fixed on Yun Canglan.

All of a sudden, Yun Canglan bent down, with sweat on her head and a pale face. She threw herself again towards Yan Cangyue as if she couldn't hold on any longer.

"Yun Canglan..."

Lei Tianyan was frightened. He quickly caught Yun Canglan. While smelling her blood, he was almost in tears.

"Yun Canglan, what's wrong?"


married, would she be invisible?

Lei Tianyan, of course, did not understand Yun Canglan's obscene eyes, and quickly took off her outer dress. Her white inner shirt had been dyed red with blood again, and was stuck to her skin closely. A gentle touch could cause great pain.

Yun Qin frowned and slowly tore off her shirt stained with blood. Seeing his mistress was enduring the pain, Yun Qi didn't feel good. He applied the medicine and bound it up. Although Yan Cangyue was an inconvenient man, Yun Qi controlled himself not to cut off the hands of Yan Cangyue.

After Yun Canglan was bandaged well again, Lei Tianyan was relieved. Then he thought of something and asked, "Yun Canglan, what happened? Why is there blood on your leg? Did you get hurt?"

Yun Qin stopped what he was doing and his face darkened.

"Check it and ask Yun Qin to bind up your wound. Don't bear it."

Yun Canglan looked at Lei Tianyan as if he was an idiot and asked helplessly, "Yun Qin, what should I do with my hand?" Damn Yan Cangyue! Should he keep holding my hand?

Last time, I saved him and was caught by him. This time, it happened again.

Lei Tianyan was still anxious, "Yun Canglan, don't be willful. Apply medicine to the wound as soon as possible.".

Yun Qin and Yun Qi ignored the words of Lei Tianyan and asked, "why not really cut

off the hands of Yan Cangyue?"

Lei Tianyan was anxious as she was hurt. He shouted: "Yun Canglan, you are bleeding!".

Yun Canglan shook her head, "no, Yan Cangyue is good-looking. If he is disabled, it would be a pity."

"Then cut your hands? Yun Canglan!"

"Well, cut his hands!" Yun canglan said.

Lei Tianyan was completely angry, "Yun Canglan, can you hear me?"

"Oh, my God! I'm in my period! Are you satisfied now?" She even wanted to kick him to death.

Lei Tianyan was confused. He turned to Yun Qin and asked, "what is her period?"

Yun Qin said in a cold sweat, "menstrual flow.".

It was winter now but apples were ripe.

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