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   Chapter 221 A Test

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 10030

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The wedding was still in full preparation, but the imperial palace of the Si Kingdom suddenly announced that the Feng Kingdom, Qin Liuren, married Yun Canglan as a normal husband and appointed the imperial seal of the Feng Kingdom with the imperial seal.

The world was once again in an uproar. Yun Canglan, who had been involved in the gossip since childhood, once again became a hot topic of conversation among the world.

The border between the Jin Kingdom and the Si kingdom was unpeace. The Jin Kingdom was not afraid of the alliance by marriage, but it went even worse, as if to provoke the Si kingdom. The news of Yan Cangyue's injury hasn't been spread to the Chi kingdom. The Chi kingdom is quite stable. The court of Lie Kingdom is faintly unstable. The sixth Prince is not in the palace, and his fiancee Yao Taotao lives in the palace in the name of the sixth Prince's concubine.

At dusk, Yun Canglan came out of the Yun's Garden tiredly, accompanied by Qin Liuren and Lei Tianyan, who were full of spring glow. Yang Gezhi's smile finally didn't lie. Shui Minghan's face turned sour for no reason, and Huo Liuyun's face took on a ghastly expression. He walked at the end, looking at the people in front, and suddenly felt that he didn't fit in.

His mind was filled with the words Yun Canglan said when she returned to the Yun's Garden.

She said, "I can accept Qin Liuren, but I have one condition; I'll accept Yang Gezhi as well.".

She said: "Shui Minghan, what's the rush? I know you haven't betrayed me, but you have to get your fiancee first.".

She said: "Yang Gezhi, I get married this time just to give Tianyan a complete body. We'll get married a few days later.".

She said, "Qin Liuren, my marriage with you doesn't mean that I will love you in the future. It depends on your performance.".

She said: "Tianyan, I'm sorry. I lost my trust of you oncemore. After we get married, I allow you to play with other women, but you are only allowed to have sex with them."

She said: "Huo Liuyun, I know you've regretted. I saw your compensation. Ye'er and Kuang'er can recognize you, but I can't accept you, because you've already had another woman.".

She said: "there are only five of us in this family. Anyone who bring his brother back will divorce him.".

That was why she took a step forward and accepted the four of them. However, she forgot him, because his body had betrayed her.

In the evening, Yun Canglan finally sent Qin Liuren, Yang Gezhi and Shui Minghan away, and then headed toward the court with Lei Tianyan, on the way. Both of them kept silent. They just listened to the footstep and the cold wind.

Occasionally some maids and eunuchs saluted them, and then quietly left.

It was the sleepyard ahead. Lei Tianyan finally couldn't bear the stifling atmosphere, so he stopped and pulled Yun Canglan into his arms.

Smelling the fragrance of rRed Spider Lily from Yun Canglan, he felt relieved.

"Canglan, I'm sorry..."It w

thought, 'I am just anxious?'?

Xi Zhiyao looked at Yan Cangyue on the bed and then turned to Yun Qin, "Mister Yun Qin, you are a good doctor. What do you think of Medical Sage?"

Yun Canglan's eyes became stern. Lei Tianyan clenched his fists under his sleeves. Yun Qin said slowly, "of course I'm not a match for Medical Sage. If I'm a match for Medical Sage, then the name of the Medical Sage is mine.".

Xi Zhiyao raised his eyebrows, "Oh? Mister Yun Qin went to the same school as the Medical Sage? "

Yun Qin looked him over and over agilely, "of course. Or else, do you think my medical skills are taught by those quacks? In terms of medical skills, who can rival my master? ".

Xi Zhiyao nodded thoughtfully, "I see. But I've never heard of Mister Yun Qin before."

"Mistress, keep a low profile. Yun Qi and I are not going to be famous. Them are not patch on Mister Night Phoenix? Royal Highness Xiaoyao, why do you suddenly become interested in me? Poach? "

Xi Zhiyao smiled awkwardly, "I was just surprised by your medical skills. Please forgive me.".

Yun Canglan swore quietly and winked at Yun Qin with admiration. She decided to take Yun Qin to Yun Yu's room.

Yan Cangyue couldn't sleep well, so he calledNight Phoenix from time to time. Although no one could hear him clearly, everyone knew his action, which made Yun Qin worried.

"If he goes on like this, his wound will crack. It's not easy to stop the blood.".

Yun Canglan grew worried as she heard his words. She was about to comfort him when her feeble hand suddenly grabbed Yun Canglan by the hem of her clothes, and she grabbed Yun canglan with all her strength. Lei Tianyan failed to stop Yun Canglan and watched her fall towards Yan Cangyue.

Yun Canglan screamed and her face became pale. Lei Tianyan also paled and was about to help Yun Canglan up, but Yun Canglan stopped him.

When Yan Cangyue fell on Yun Canglan, the wound on her chest was open.

Now it was no way to hide any more.

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