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   Chapter 220 Love You

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 10240

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Lei Tianyan stared at her back with a lonely expression, 'Canglan, you're so angry!'.

Qin Liuren didn't chase after her as he didn't want to make Canglan sick. He had a lot of things to do. He turned around and felt grateful to Lei Tianyan's lonely appearance. He didn't expect that Lei Tianyan would help him and make it for Canglan. He was able to give up everything for Canglan, not only him, but also Lei TianyanAnd so did Tianyan, Yang Gezhi, Shui Minghan, Huo Liuyun.

Huo Liuyun stared blankly at the person who disappeared. His eyes were filled with pain, and his body was covered with endless pain and sadness. A word, wind and a word, echoed in his mind again and again.

Shui Minghan was relatively calm. His master knew that Canglan was destined to marry someone else since his master was sruthan, and the only thing he could do was to accept it.

Yang Gezhi followed her out of the room because he had made up his mind to protect her.

The cold wind was roaring. Occasionally, several yellow leaves were hanging on the branches, losing the freshness of green clothes, but they didn't give up trying to bloom. Perhaps when the green clothes had covered all the branches in the past few years, it would finally fall, but at this moment, it was its only one on the branches.

Yang Gezhi found Yun Canglan in the withered pear tree forest in the imperial palace of the Si kingdom.

She sat on a bluestone under the pear tree and gazed at the pear tree above her, lost in thought. Yang Gezhi walked over and sat down beside her. He stretched out a clean hand and put her head on his shoulder, looking at her with infinite tenderness. At the same time, he stretched out his hand and held her in it to block the cold wind and keep her warm.

"Canglan, I love you." he had long wanted to say it. It was not until today that he finally had the courage to embrace her like this. He was not only moved by Qin Liuren's sacrifice, but also by Lei Tianyan's sacrifice.

It was time for him to be brave.

Yun Canglan raised her head and looked up at Yang Gezhi's clean chin. She smelled like chrysanthemum with a gentle smile.

Yang Gezhi knew she was looking at him. He held on to his courage and continued: "twelve years ago, when you jumped off the wall and pinched the clay doll for me, there was a child called Yun Canglan living in my heart. I thought the child was pure and innocent, and then you saved me in the imperial palace of the Can Kingdom. I was so miserable that you saved me again, then gave me a cold look, and I saw another woman behind the Playgirl... "

Yang Gezhi looked into the distant sky and kept thinking. He gave a bigger smile. Yun Canglan looked at him quietly. She was totally attracted by his exquisite chin. She had always known that he was a gentle man. Now, he was like a spring breeze to calm the coldness around her and dispel the unhappiness in her heart.

"At that time, you lit up me as if there was a light shining all over my body. The light made me more afraid and timid. You told me that if

, but he loves you in a humble way. Now he has taken Qin Liuren. Do you know why?"

Yun Canglan raised her head and looked at Yang Gezhi. She was angry about it. Did he know the answer?

Yang Gezhi smiled bitterly, "Canglan, who are you? The princess of the Can Kingdom, the Crown Princess of the Si Kingdom, the owner of the Fengyun Firm, and Mister Night Phoenix, each of them can turn the world upside down. You have the imperial seal of the Can Kingdom, Ling Kingdom, and Si kingdom, and you also have the power of the Chi Kingdom and the Lie Kingdom. In this case, you are the supreme person in the world. Mister Zi Zhu, Mister Jue Sha, Mister Liu Huo and even the Medical Sage and Poison Sage are all under your control. You have what on earth.You are so powerful that you can do whatever you want. Canglan, which man in the world can match you like this? "

Yun Canglan was shocked. She looked at the smile on Yang Gezhi's face and suddenly realized that she had seen it more than once on Lei Tianyan and Shui Minghan's faces.

"You are a talent that men don't have. You have the strategy that the wise man in the world doesn't have. Your beauty makes people crazy. Your beauty makes all men be infatuated with you. You make everyone feel ashamed standing by your side. Loving you is a disaster, but we still fight like a moth fighting fire. Canglan, it's our fault.Lei Tianyan doesn't think he deserves a perfect you, so he'd rather separate you. This is what Qin Liuren, Huo Liuyun and Shui Minghan think. ".

Yun Canglan was shocked. Her heart ached, and her throat was choked. She opened her mouth several times, but failed to utter a single word.

Yang Gezhi put her head on his chest again and held her slender shoulder. He smiled with tears, but didn't let Yun canglan see them. "Canglan, you know what? I love you. I don't have any advantages. There are always many proud men around you, but they all love you. If you don't love me, I will live in a state of misery until it dies. "

"Canglan, I won't force you..."

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