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   Chapter 219 The Wedding Ceremony (Part Two)

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Yun He didn't intend to give the crowd time, "why not? That's not an ordinary rattle. It's made especially by the craftsmen in the imperial palace of the Feng Kingdom with the logo of the Feng Kingdom on it. Besides, I have left your grandmother's hairpin there.".

Yun Canglan gave Qin Liuren a sour look and said with a smile, "Grandpa, I'm afraid you will be disappointed. I threw away the rattle long ago, and as for the hairpin, it may be given to someone's sweetheart, so forget it.".

"Who said that?" Qin Liuren stood up excitedly and took out a wooden hairpin from his collar. The simple and antique hairpin immediately appeared in front of everyone.

At this moment, Yang Gezhi and the rest knew what had happened.

Yun He smoothed his beard while looking the wooden hairpin up and down, "it's really the one your grandmother carved with her own hands. Yun Canglan, do you still want to deny it?"

Then he turned to the Emperor of Si Kingdom and apologized, "my friend, I'm really sorry. Yun Canglan and the Emperor of the Feng Kingdom were engaged more than ten years ago. I'm afraid I have to say sorry to seventh prince..."

"Grandpa!" Yun Canglan was fuming with rage. Why didn't Yun He step up when she engaged with Huo Liuyun? Why didn't he mention their marriage when she married Feng Gui? Now Lei Tianyan was going to marry her, why did he step up.

"Whatever, I won't cancel the wedding in two days." Yun Canglan looked at Lei Tianyan anxiously. Lei Tianyan lowered his eyes and looked sad. Lei Tianyan was a little strange today.

The smile on Yun He's face became even weirder. "Yun Canglan, do you want me to be a liar?"

Yun Canglan was surprised. She looked at Qin Liuren and said nothing.

Yun He continued, "I've heard that you liked the Emperor of the Feng Kingdom a lot when you were in the Ling Kingdom, didn't you?"

"Grandpa," Yun Canglan interrupted him, "I did have a crush on the Emperor of the Feng Kingdom when I was in the Ling Kingdom, but I don't have that feeling now. I'm going to marry Lei Tianyan. Besides, I'm a neat freak and I don't like men touched by other women.".

Huo Liuyun looked down and his eyes were filled with pain. He felt so ashamed that he couldn't breathe.

Yun He saw everything, "don't you know, Yun Canglan? The Emperor of the Feng Kingdom has many concubines, but he hasn't had sex with any of them. ".

A suspicious flush appeared on Qin Liuren's face. Yun Canglan looked at him in disbelief.

This man is still a virgin?

"Even if he had touched some other woman, Yun Canglan, haven't you heard of the Pure Lake in the snow mountain?" After saying that, Yun He gave Yun canglan a weird and thoughtful smile, which alarmed Yun Canglan.

"Grandpa, what the hell do you mean? Lei Tianyan and I love each other. Why do you drag Qin Liuren in?" Yun Canglan looked at Qin Liuren. She thought Qin Liuren had colluded with her grandfather. But it seemed that he didn't know the truth.

Yun He was stroking his beard and said, "that's a big problem. Old friend, what's your solution?" Yun He turned to look at the Emperor of Si Kingdom who frowned slightly.

"Everyone knows Yun Ca

to trap you with the Feng Kingdom. If you think I'm selfish and despicable, I have nothing to say. But Yun Canglan, I love you. ".

His words touched everyone. Few men in the world would sacrifice everything for a woman. As the Emperor of the Feng Kingdom, Qin Liuren was described as "cold as ice, don't know what is a smile, kill people in invisible times," but now he is so humble for a woman.

Yun Canglan was moved and she was even more conflicted.

She looked sideways at Lei Tianyan and suddenly felt that she did not deserve him. He gave her a complete love, but she gave him a broken body.

Lei Tianyan saw her weakness and struggle in the eye, and all the haze in his heart was swept away at once. This was her fate. From the beginning, his teacher had told him about this, but he still wanted to monopolize her. Now it seemed that nothing could change.

It didn't matter if nothing could change. It was enough as long as she had him in her heart.

Everyone was waiting for Lei Tianyan's words, and so was Yun Canglan. If Lei Tianyan didn't agree, she wouldn't get married. Whatever, she still belonged to Lei Tianyan.

Lei Tianyan gave her a sincere and gorgeous smile, like blossoming pear flowers. "I will, let's get married." he answered.

Yun Canglan's eyes became stern. She looked at Lei Tianyan inconceivably, not knowing what was wrong with him. She wanted to see something from his eyes, but she couldn't see anything. What she saw was only his willingness. What was wrong with Lei Tianyan?

Qin Liuren was shocked and ecstatic. He had planned to be rejected and despised, but that didn't happen. He heard his heart beating very fast.

Yun Canglan walked to Lei Tianyan and looked directly into his eyes. She asked coldly, "are you serious?"

"Yun Canglan..." Lei Tianyan stood up, much taller than Yun Canglan in an instant. He lowered his head and looked at Yun Canglan with tenderness and affection in his eyes, "listen to me..."

Yun Canglan turned around and said in a determined and annoyed voice, "then make it. We'll get married in two days."

What a crazy world.

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