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   Chapter 218 The Wedding Ceremony (Part One)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 7420

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Winter really came. A small breeze with bone chilling wind did not drive into the Yun's Garden. At this moment, the Yun's Garden was full of sparks and hustle.

The Yun's Garden was small and with a group of people coming, it became more crowded.

All the maids and eunuchs were dismissed, leaving only a few "family members".

Although there were emperor and Royal Highness, there was no place for them in the front seat at the Yun's Garden. Yun Yajun and Lin Wan'er were at the head of the throne. Yun Yajun and Lin Wan'er deserved to be there.

Yun Canglan led Ye'er and Kuang'er to visit Yun Yajun and Lin Wan'er formally. Ye'er looked like a man, but he was unable to take off his childish appearance. He was as lovely as a porcelain doll, and greeted Yun Yajun and Lin Wan'er sweetly, "Hello, grandparents. My name is Yun Qingye. Yun is the same as Yun Canglan's Yun, as for Qing, I'm too young to write. ".

Kuang'er followed him closely, "I'm Yun Qingkuang. My mother said I was a princess and everyone should spoil me. Grandpa, grandma, will you spoil me?"

Her big eyes were full of innocence and adoration. Yun Yajun and Lin Wan'er were very happy and both of them held a child with love.

Yun Yajun looked at Yun Canglan in smug satisfaction, "you finally did a good thing in your life, giving birth to two grandsons to us.".

Yun Canglan ignored his words and asked seriously, "where's grandpa?" Wasn't it said that he arrived?

Lin Wan'er was playing with the two children and ignored her. "It is said he was going to see the emperor of the Si kingdom.".

"Who are looking for me?" No sooner had Lin Wan'er finished speaking than an old but strong voice came. Then heavy footsteps came from outside the hall.

All the people stood up and they saw Yun He dressed in rags. Despite his grey beard and hair, he looked strong and healthy. The emperor of the can kingdom standing next to Yun He was much younger in age, but he seemed to be much older than Yun He.

Sparrow walked slowly, smoothing his beard. A profound smile flashed across his eyes when he saw Yun Canglan.

"Grandfather." Yun Canglan strode forward and hugged him happily. Yun He seldom appeared, but he had bee

t at least this was a chance for him.

Qin Liuren's cold figure softened. His cold eyes suddenly warmed up. Of course, it was also because of the words of Yun He.

Yun Yajun and Lin Wan'er looked at each other and asked, "Dad, what's wrong with the marriage?"

Yun He looked at his son and daughter-in-law, and then turned to Yun Canglan, smoothing his beard, "Yun Canglan, do you remember the gift I gave you for your sixth birthday when I returned home after travel?"

Yun Canglan immediately understood what he meant through the question.

"Yes, I do. But it's just a verbal agreement." Yun Canglan stood up and looked at her grandpa angrily, wondering why her grandpa suddenly became so confused.

Yun He smiled profoundly. "It's not just an oral agreement. There is a token.".

They looked at each other in confusion, but Yun Yajun and Lin Wan'er seemed to remember something.

Yun Canglan said discontentedly, "Grandpa, a rattle can't be seen as the engagement token.".

Hearing Yun Canglan's words, Qin Liuren's face lit up. He stretched out his hand to his chest and kept thinking about the words of rattle.

Shui Minghan also realized that he had been working with Yun Canglan for a long time, and he had heard of it, but neither of them took it seriously then.

Huo Liuyun also knew it. He was Yun Canglan's childhood sweetheart back then, and he knew nearly everything related to Yun Canglan, while he just thought it was a joke at that time.

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