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   Chapter 217 The Men Of The Daughter

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"Daddy Shui Minghan, I want mommy to hug me." With an innocent face, Kuang'er looked at Shui Minghan who was holding her.

Shui Minghan's cold eyes softened. " Kuang'er, you mother is tired. Let dad hold you, okay?" If the martial artists saw Shui Minghan coaxing a little girl, with unidentified tenderness in his eyes, their jaw would fall to the ground.

Kuang'er looked at Yun Canglan with her big eyes blinking. Her brother had told her that she couldn't call Shui Minghan daddy any more. She had forgotten it just now. What should she do?

Yun Canglan gave a spoiled smile and said, "let dad Shui Minghan hold you.".

Kuang'er glanced and said, "do you mean I can still call Shui Minghan dad?"

Ye'er was obedient in Lei Tianyan's arms, but he understood what Yun Canglan said.

"Ye'er, daddy Yan Tianyan is going to take you to meet your grandparents, okay?" Lei Tianyan acted like a kind father. His pretty face looked a little strange, but Ye'er and Kuang'er liked the affection in his bright eyes.

"Daddy Lei Tianyan, what are grandpa and grandma?"

"Grandparents are the mom and dad of your mom. You should call them grandpa and grandma." Lei Tianyan answered while Ye'er asking. Huo Liuyun followed behind were very jealous of the harmonious picture.

"What are the names of dad's parents?" The kid was an honest, easygoing person.

"What do you call the dad of me?" Lei Tianyan was obviously good at raising kids.

"Grandpa." Ye'er replied quickly, "I know. I should call your parents grandpa and grandma.".

Lei Tianyan patted his head and praised, "Ye'er, you're so smart.".

Kuang'er was not reconciled. "Do we also have to call bad dad and mom grandpa and grandma?" 'Bad Dad is a bad guy. Grandpa and grandma will be worse, ' kuang'er thought with a smile on her face. Huo Liuyun felt hurt when he heard "bad dad", but he felt relieved when he heard "Grandpa and grandma".

Anyway, they were his kids.

Yun Canglan looked at Huo Liuyun with a weird look and said to Kuang'er, "you do have one Grandpa, but you have more grandmas. I think you'd better stop calling. Oh, your bad dad have a lot of wives. Do you want to call them moms one after another?"

The face of Kuang'er changed. "No! We just want a mother and no other mothers!" Her small face was like a ball, and even her big eyes were filled with anger.

"Neither did Ye'er. Daddy Lei Tianyan and daddy Shui Minghan have no other mothers here." Ye'er kept rubbing against Lei Tianyan's chest, which pleased Lei Tianyan.

But they didn't understand why other children had only one father and they have three?

The chest pain was so unbearable that Huo Liuyun couldn't breathe. When he saw

Kuang'er and Ye'er's expression of disgust, he finally realized what he had missed.

'my own son called me bad dad but was so intimate with other dads. It hurt so much. Now when I saw their disgusting eyes, I've suffered a lot, ' he thought.

Huo Liuyun lowered his eyes with guilt, not daring to look

liked Shui Minghan at that time. It seemed that their daughter did not choose him now, so they had to nod slightly as a greeting.

"Mom, are they grandpa and grandma?" Kuang'er asked Yun Canglan politely. She didn't interrupt the conversation among the adults unless it seemed to be finished.

Yun Canglan suddenly realized that she had forgotten her baby.

Huo Liuyun was pleased that if Yun Yajun and his wife knew his child, he might have more chance.

Yun Yajun and Yun Qi were stunned. They looked at the little girl in Shui Minghan's arms, and then the boy in Lei Tianyan's arms, and stared at Yun Canglan in a trance. They asked stiffly: "Who did they call? "

Yun Canglan took Kuang'er from Shui Minghan's arms with a smiling face and placed it in Yun Yajun's arms. Yun Yajun hadn't realized what was going on and had to catch the thing by instinct.

"Dad, mom, your daughter got in the car first. She will buy the ticket later.".

"Ha?" Both of them didn't react.

Kuang'er seemed to like Yun Yajun very much. She pulled his hair and acted like a spoiled child: "Grandpa, you are such a fool. Mom means she has us before getting married.".

Yun Yajun stiffly turned to the little girl in his arms, and Lin Wan'er looked at the boy in Lei Tianyan's arms across the table and asked, "is the boy of the seventh prince's?" The child was about three years old, about the same age.

Yun Canglan shook her head, "no, it's Huo Liuyun's.".

Yun Yajun's hand trembled with fear. He almost threw Kuang'er out, "Huo... "

It was just too frightening. Their daughter was a monster. She chose to marry the seventh prince of the Si kingdom with the child of another emperor, as long as she would marry the prince. She ogled other men before her children. What's more, she even wanted these men to attend her wedding.

The world was in a mess, totally in a mess.

They had already known that their daughter was not a normal person, and now it became more convincing.

Oh my God! ! !

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