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   Chapter 216 A False Friendship

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 10106

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Qin Liuren stood aside and felt a heartache when he saw Yun Canglan in Lei Tianyan's arms. He feared that the sword would stab into the body of Canglan? He was the Emperor of the Feng Kingdom, the most powerful emperor of the seven kingdoms in the two continents. He was in charge of numerous people's lives and deaths. But just now, he was flustered and scared. He had the power of determining many people's lives, but he could not protect his beloved woman.

Yang Gezhi stood beside them. Lei Tianyan's identity made him jealous. It was not the right time to be jealous. He was a dispensable person in the heart of Canglan, but who knew that he was almost dead just now and saw the blood on her body. He really thought he had died. Fortunately, she was fine. She should be fine. As long as she was fine, why did he care so much? Lei Tianyan was the man she admitted, but he would not give up.

Huo Liuyun couldn't see Yun Canglan's situation. He felt that his body was frozen and his heart ached. He didn't know whether these reactions were caused by the weird sword or Mister Night Phoenix was dying.

Xi Zhiyao also felt the same. Just a moment ago, his heart stopped beating, looking at the sword, he couldn't help wanting to fly out, but he held it back. This feeling was too strange. He had no time to find it out. Besides, he had known all this, hadn't he?

Lei Tianyan held Yun Canglan in his arms, feeling sorry for Yun Qi who had bandaged her wounds and stopped the bleeding. He didn't care about her messy dress and exposed skin at all. He only knew that he was not in a stable state of mind now, trembling. He tried to calm her down, but his body was shaking against his will.

Yun Canglan opened her eyes and held Lei Tianyan's hand gently. She forced a smile. Looking at the man above her who worried about her, she felt satisfied and guilty.

"I'm fine," She comforted him. His body was shaking. It could be seen how scared he was.

Lei Tianyan gave her a weak smile, trying to make himself look relaxed. "I know you'll be fine. You'll be fine." he told her, everyone, and himself.

Yun Canglan smiled and closed her eyes again. She fell asleep in his arms.

When she woke up, it was already in the evening and they had returned to the imperial palace of the Si kingdom, and Yun Canglan's injury had been well controlled.

When Yun Canglan woke up, she saw Lei Tianyan, who had been wiping her cold sweat, and Yang Gezhi, who had been happy to see her waking up. Qin Liuren stood in front of her, but far away from her. He had no choice but to miss the chance again. Shui Minghan sat at a table with a cold face. As soon as Yun Canglan woke up, he ran over to her with joy.

Yun Qi stayed by her side. He was relieved when Yun Canglan woke up.

"The master is fine, but it will take a few days for the wound to scab." Yun Qi said. In a few days, Yun Canglan would get married but she was injured unexpectedly. Poor Mister Tianyan.

Lei Tianyan looked at Yun Canglan attentively

As expected, Huo Liuyun's eyes darkened, and Yang Gezhi was a little embarrassed.

Yun Canglan rubbed her forehead and felt a headache.

'it turns out that too many men would cause a headache, ' she thought.

"Well, let's go to the Yun's Garden first.".

Yun Canglan went to the Yun's Garden first. Qin Liuren was right. They were all her family members, and no one needed to be on guard. She should be easy to deal with. She didn't have to hide her injury as that was a trick only made for others.

The group of people headed towards the Yun's Garden. A woman's face looked a little pale. Five men were indifferent, sharp or enchanting, gentle or soft. Each had their own characteristics. They all looked nervously at the woman walking in the front, with slight concern and worry in their eyes.

People who didn't know the fact would think that she was a queen surrounded by Royal concubines.

No wonder Yun Canglan attracted so many handsome men for she was pretty charming.

Along the way, numerous maids stood in lines while looking at the five stunning men with admiration and they ignored the delicate woman naturally. They started to slobber, and the Royal Palace of the Si kingdom immediately became to a river with stinking saliva.

When they arrived at the gate of the Yun's Garden, they met Ye'er and Kuang'er, who were brought here by servants.

"Mommy." Kuang'er broke free from the servant girl on seeing Yun Canglan and was about to run to her, she bent down to hug Kuang'er instinctively. Shui Minghan was the first to pick her up and gave her a warning look. Yun Canglan touched her nose embarrassedly and retreated to the other side resentfully.

You could hug my kids, then what's wrong with my hug to them?

Ye'er, who ran behind, was also held quickly in the arms of Lei Tianyan. Huo Liuyun, their father-in-law, suddenly realized something when he saw his children in another man's arms. However, it was too late. His heart ached again like a needle pricked it.

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