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   Chapter 214 The Drama

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 10555

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Lei Tianyan raised his head generously, allowing the delicate hand to stroke his face, which was itchy, but felt comfortable. His favorite fragrance of Red Spider Lily was on her hand. He smiled evilly and let her search him.

Yun Canglan felt she was wronged. What she did was not indecent, but pitiful.

"Are you hurt?" 'Well, since they have misunderstood my check, I'd better ask directly.'.

Lei Tianyan blinked and gave an evil smile, "she said she would almost destroy this face. If it is destroyed, do you still want?"

"Boom!" the warriors were hurt. They stared blankly at the two people who were displaying affection in public.

What did Mister Yao Yan say?

Mister Night Phoenix and Mister Yao Yan have an affair?

Is the rumor true? At the gathering of the nine prominent figures, it was said that the top Mister was gay and the most beautiful person in the world was dating two men.

Is it real?

Wow, it was suddenly found that they wearing lovers' clothes in broad daylight.

lovers' clothes!

Yun Canglan frowned, 'you are on purpose!'.

Lei Tianyan blinked. He knew Yun Canglan was waiting to see what a fool he was.

Yun Canglan stood up and said indifferently: "I should care about you. After all, Canglan is the sworn sister of me, the Mister.".


Yun Canglan was dumbfounded.

The warriors knew that.

Well, it turned out to be the three of them.

'I see. Crown Princess was so generous.'.

Nobility always had strange hobbies.

Crown Princess, the seventh prince and Mister Night Phoenix were all blessed. then who was the luckiest?

As for these two people, who would dominate this matter? And what role would the Crown Princess play? Was she just seeing?

Yun Canglan swore that she had never been like this before. For she wanted to die, and one more question before dying, "are the warriors all passing through time?"?

Yun Xiang, Yun Qi and Yun Lie, who had known the truth, were happy to see Yun Canglan and Lei Tianyan get along well with each other. As long as they protected their mistress well and their mistress already had a man around her, then the full moon night was not a big deal, so they didn't care about others.

Shui Minghan, Yang Gezhi and Qin Liuren, however, were not as calm as they were. They had long faces. They stared at Lei Tianyan angrily and then looked at Yun Canglan sadly. Luckily, everyone paid attention to the couple wearing the lover's clothes, so no one noticed the subtle changes in their faces.

Huo Liuyun was watching the drama leisurely. He would cry if he knew Mister Night Phoenix was Yun Canglan.

Xi Zhiyao looked calm, but there was an unreadable light in his eyes. He seemed impatient and uneasy, but nobody cared about him.

Yan Cangyue was very miserable and it was not easy for him to fall in love with a girl. He was finally convinced that the girl he loved was a man and he already had another man. That man was the most beautiful person in the world, although Yan Cangyue was beautiful, he couldn't compare with the former.

Looking at the ambiguous and eye-catching couple, his face became pale

ht Phoenix, you choose to go to hell instead of heaven, so don't blame me, move!"

Yun Canglan smiled faintly and stepped back two steps unhurriedly. She picked up the other divine weapon next to Dustin Liao and threw it to Yun Qi, "go on."

Yun Qi turned around and quickly caught the flying knife. Yun Qin cooperatively stretched out his knife, and a long chain connected the two weirdly shaped daggers in an instant. Yun Qin and Yun Qi calmly waited for the enemy to get close, the dagger in their hands seemed to be stained with a faint blood light.

Suddenly, three people popped out of the crowd and rushed to the fleeing man in white with murderous will. The three men were thrown into disarray and started to fight at close quarters with weapons.

Only Yun QI and Yun Lie used their weapons. Everyone knew the weapons of Mister Liu Huo and Mister Jue Sha, so there was no need to hid. However, Yun QI dared not show the real strength of Juegu Sword, because he had another identity, the Dragon King of Yecha.

Yun Xiang didn't use his weapon. If he did, the dazzling Zhanhun Broadsword would let people knew that Yun Xiang, Mister Zi Zhu was the Hawk King of Yecha.

Well, mistress will kill him not for leaking his identity, but for stealing her show.

Today, they were not the main characters of the fight. Their main task was to fight and distract Mietian. At present, they were under Yun Qin, Yun Qi and the weapons in their hands.

Yun Qin and Yun Qi held the dagger in their hands and looked ruthless, satisfied and happy. After today's battle, Medical Sage and Poison Sage would gain a reputation of killing, but they didn't care about it as long as they got the weapons.

Filled with disbelief and doubt, the men in white were killed one by one and closed their eyes forever. In the huge square of Swords Hill, a trail of blood dripped down the steps of slate staircase like a river.

Seeing such a cruel battle with such a strong force, the warriors at the foot of the stairs swallowed and made up their mind.

'They can't afford to offend Mister Night Phoenix.'.

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