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   Chapter 213 Wrongful Accusation

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 9824

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"You are such a vicious bitch! How could you poison me?" Upon hearing that, the warriors jumped on the ground and gathered all their strength, but they suddenly found that they seemed to be really weak for Kung Fu, and their faces turned pale.

Mister Liu Huo and Mister Jue Sha suddenly gave off a murderous look, which depressed the warriors. Mister Jue Sha and Mister Liu Huo had lost their Kung Fu, what should they do?

Shui Minghan's face changed slightly. He tried to stand up, but found his legs so weak, and even Qin Liuren was the same, not to mention several people who were bad at kung fu or only knew kung fu. All the warriors were disappointed.

'Oh, my God! I'm going to die!' Austin yelled in his mind.

"Hahaha..."Lian Xing covered her mouth with her hand and gave a fake smile, "I'm going to get this divine weapon, but there's one more thing, and I'll take it." then she turned to Lei Tianyan who had a long face and smirked, "Your Highness, miss me? I'm here to pick you up. ".

Lei Tianyan gave her a resentful stare, and turned his head in disgust.

Lian Xing didn't get annoyed, but said coquettishly, "Your Highness, Yun Canglan is not a threat. Don't worry. I won't hurt you.".

"Forget it. I will never go with you." Lei Tianyan gnashed his teeth.

Lian Xing walked slowly to Lei Tianyan and changed her face. "Why do you care about her so much? Because of her pretty face, huh? She has so many men. Don't you mind? She is only a slut, Your Highness. Not like me, I still keep my virginity for you."

Lei Tianyan snorted and gave her a look of contempt. He curled his lips and said, "Lian Xing, you are so pathetic. You are still a virgin till this age. No wonder you are always eager to be with me. If you want to get rid of that, there are lots of warriors over there. You can just pick one. I will never like a disgusting woman like you. Just forget it!"

Lian Xing became ferocious, "Lei Tianyan, don't push the line. Indeed, I won't kill you, but if I destroy your pretty face, do you think Yun canglan will still want you? She only fancies your face. "

Lei Tianyan didn't care but smiled, "you can have a try.".

Lian Xing's chest heaved sharply, and her eyes were bloody and ugly. "Okay, Lei Tianyan, I'll show you. If you become the ugly monster, will she still want you?".

Lian Xing took out a weapon from the wooden box next to Dustin, and wielded it towards Lei Tianyan's face, bringing a gust of cold wind.

Lei Tianyan didn't even blink, his mouth still wearing a half mocking and half confident smile.

Everyone opened their eyes wide and held their breath. It was a pity that one of the most beautiful faces in the world was going to be ruined. Just as the cold sword tip was about to cut the fine skin, a strong internal force came from nowhere and landed the weapon with a "Ding".

Lian Xing turned her head and saw a red figure walking towards her.


red figure with complex feelings.

After the reunion of the nine prominent figures for a long time, Yan cangyue, the most romantic man in the Chi Kingdom, finally realized that he fell in love with a man.

Mister Zi Zhu, Mister Liu Huo and Mister Jue Sha took control of everything the moment Yun canglan appeared. They would not allow anyone to hurt their mistress. Of course, no one could notice the scent. So far, they were still as weak as paralyzed people.

Lian Xing was first shocked at night Phoenix's appearance, and then her face turned pale. "Night Phoenix, there's nothing you can do about it. I advise you not to provoke me!" she praised. Although night Phoenix had a long history, he had been hiding his strength for more than ten years. Medical Sage and Poison Sage were not easy to deal with. "Mietian was not a coward.

Yun canglan ignored her words as if she didn't hear her warning. She slowly took her seat, passed Lian Xing, and stood in front of Lei Tianyan.

Lian Xing wanted to kill Yun canglan as soon as she saw Yun canglan didn't buy it. But who can tell her why she couldn't move except for her eyes and mouth? Who is it? "Medical Sage and Poison Sage?"? It was said that the poison sage took a person's life within a hundred feet, but when did he start.

No wonder, "the disciples of sky realm, watching the three of them coming over, were completely stunned, for they had been under control for a long time.

Damn it when the poison sage did it? That way, all the disciples she brought with her would have been completely annihilated.

When Yun Qi passed by her, he winked at her with scorn.

You deserve to die without knowing how to pick up the axe in front of rusty wood.

Yun canglan didn't look at Lian Xing. She stood in front of Lei Tianyan, looking down at him, and touched his charming face with an evil smile with one hand.

Everyone was dumbfounded, 'is Mister night Phoenix molesting me?'?

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