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   Chapter 212 The Divine Weapon Contest (Part Two)

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"Mister Jue Sha, here you are."The man from Swords Hill was singing again. Everyone shrank their necks at once and looked at the man who walked in at the gate of the villa with fear.

Mister Jue Sha wore a black robe with a long whip on his waist. Her black hair was flying in the autumn wind. It was still drizzling, but he didn't get wet at all. He was amazed at his great Kung Fu.

But when Mister Jue Sha walked up to them, they immediately looked away and hid themselves. Mister Jue Sha killed people without a blink of an eye and gave them money. Hey didn't care who was killed if was the emperor or the old man .as they didn't want to be targeted by Mister Jue Sha. However, when he passed by them, they couldn't help but shiver.

Then, unfortunately, Mister Jue Sha sat next to Mister Feng Gui. MisterFeng Gui felt nervous with his heart in his throat. He took a secret glance at Mister Jue Sha, but had no choice but to keep quiet.

Then, Mister Liu Huo arrived. He didn't look as intimidating as Jue Sha. Although people were afraid of him, they admired him more. After all, he could kill anyone except the weak.

Yun Ri and Yun Lie seemed to have reached an agreement. They cornered Feng Gui and made him look murderous. Feng Gui was so scared that he almost wanted to bury himself into the ground.

Yan Cangyue was an episode. When Yun Qi came in, he quickly walked down the main position, drove the leading man aside, and personally led the way for Yun Qi. He even wanted to give his seat to the man.

"I haven't thanked you for your help, Mister Liu Huo. After today's case, please stay. I'll show my thanks to you in the future." He was confused, because he had never thought about the throne. He didn't want to fight for the throne, but was abducted secretly and saved halfway. Then he was taken to the throne with the help of Yehuo Liuxing. He was confused as well', Yehuo Liuxing, the mysterious Yehuo Liuxing, why makes him to be the emperor?

But I will try my best to be a good emperor.

Yun Ri looked at him indifferently and said: "no, I'm just following the orders.".

"Mister, who sent you this?" His handsome face looked a little cautious. He had no choice but to be very careful since he had witnessed the fight between Yehuo Liuxing and the crown prince.

Yun Ri cast a cold glance at him and guess if he want to die?

Yan Cangyue was speechless with astonishment.

Yun Qi's eyes made himself suffered a lot in the following days. Yun Canglan was a grudge holder. Her man was a grudge holder too. After Yan Cangyue stayed with Yun Canglan, Yan Cangyue abused his powers in all kinds of ways.

Yun Canglan looked at them and asked, "is it love or hatred? "And you fall in love with eath other.".

Finally, Swords Hill's owner, Dustin Liao, felt that the time was almost up. He counted the number of people present and whispered to Lei Tianyan, preparing to start the Divine Weapon Contest.

"Ahem!"Dustin Liao walked up to the steps and was ready to give an opening speech. "Thank

yone's soul. The warriors were busy with resisting. Some warriors with inferior internal force slowly oozed blood from the corners of their eyes and ears, but they were still laughing.

Shui Minghan slightly opened his eyes and felt unhappy to be disturbed when he was practicing. He waved his finger and an invisible internal force shot in a certain direction, and the exciting laughter suddenly stopped.

"Ahem"Ahem, ahemWhat a nice Mister Wu Hen! " After saying that, countless white figures suddenly floated down from the air, floating down. They were as beautiful as goose feathers, but no one had the time to appreciate, because on the white clothes, there was a huge skeleton pattern. No one was stupid enough to understand it.

It's the demonic cult, "Mietian".

Then, a woman in white slowly fell from the air, with a complacent and arrogant smile on her beautiful face.

"Hello, everyone. I'm Lian Xing. Nice to meet you.". She didn't forget to wink at Lei Tianyan. Unfortunately, Lei Tianyan was invincible.

Immediately, some people began to be resentful. Since they were not captivated by the diabolic beasts' looks, they were men. "Bah, you cowards dared to come out in broad daylight. I think you are courting death.".

Lian Xing's enchanting eyes widened. "What are you talking about, sir? I..." she asked. Why Mietian could not go out at daynight

"You demonic woman, stop punishing me. What's your purpose?"

"Haha, you're so nice. But I don't like the way you call me." Lian Xing looked exceedingly fascinating and seductive, her eyes sparkling. "This is a divine weapon contest. I came for a divine weapon, of course.".

Upon hearing this, the warriors were displeased. "You coward! How dare you try to obtain a divine weapon! I think you're just biting off more than you can chew!"

Lian Xing rolled her silky clothes which slipped down her shoulders, and said with a charming smile, "I'm not a match for you, of course. But if you can't move, then the divine weapon will belong to me."

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