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   Chapter 211 The Divine Weapon Contest (Part One)

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On the day of the Divine Weapon Contest, the sky was overcast, and the drizzle began to fall again in the thick autumn. Although it was not heavy, it dripped with a chill, making it cold on one's skin. The snow which had not melted in the autumn rain gradually turned into snow. Therefore, although the rain was small, the road to the villa was muddy.

The divine weapon contest didn't stop because of this autumn rain. No one felt that divine weapons were not as good as a drizzle, but the number of sects that were taking part in the divine weapon contest suddenly decreased.

More than one hundred sects leaders' of different that they had prepared were all unoccupied. Even their disciples were completely off their seats. That was totally out of everyone's expectation. Was it possible that they retreated in spite of the difficulty?

Nobody knew that they had been slaughtered.

At a Divine Weapon Contest, there were not only martial arts sect but also the representatives of the royal courts of the seven kingdoms who had sent the most important people, such as Qin Liuren, the Emperor of the Feng Kingdom who showed up early, Shui Minghan, the sixth Prince of the Lie Kingdom with Emperor of the Feng Kingdom, Xi Zhiyao, the prince of the Jin Kingdom, like Huo Liuyun, the Crown Prince of the Ling Kingdom, and Yang Gezhi, the Emperor of the Can Kingdom with Yun Canglan, and even Qin Liuren, the former Emperor of the Can Kingdom who came together with Yun canglan, such as Huo Liuyun, the crown prince of the Ling Kingdom, and Yang GezhiIn the end, Lei Tianyan, the seventh Prince of the Si Kingdom, entertained the royal members of the seven kingdoms with the master, and Yan Cangyue, the new emperor of the Chi Kingdom who had just ascended to the throne could not appear here at all.

The Divine Weapon Contest was suddenly splendid, giving off an aura of luxury. All the royal members of the seven kingdoms, emperors or princes, were the most favored ones, and the world could not help but pity. Why did this Divine Weapon Contest become like a negotiation with the Seven Kingdoms.

The arrival of the other several warriors even made the Divine Weapon Contest more eye-catching.

The nine prominent figures in the world

Mister Yang Gezhi, Mister Yao Yan, Lei Tianyan, Mister Wu Hen, Shui Minghan belonged to the royal family. They came to the miraculous meeting and entered the royal house automatically, but when the servant shouted one name after another, they were shocked.

Did the reunion of the nine prominent figures be held earlier?

"Hello, Mister Feng Gui."Everyone was shocked by the boy's voice. Mister Feng Gui, the most promising man in Can Kingdom, was a business man? Why did he get involved in the martial arts?

While all people were thinking, Mister Feng GuiI was dressed in white. At first, he didn't look like someone expensive, nor did he look like someone ordinary. He looked quiet and elegant. But his gentle and handsome face conquered t

g, the golden light was even more dazzling than the sun. It had no choice. It was made of gold, and the sedan chair was made of gold.

Yun Xiang got off the sedan chair lazily, wearing a golden robe, which made him look even more gorgeous. With a deep and arrogant smile on his baby face, he walked forward step by step, looking arrogant.

However, no one dared to be displeased with him. They just watched him pass by and even smelled the golden aroma.

Yun Xiang was led to the seats arranged for the nine prominent figures. He glanced at Feng Gui with disdain, but didn't take his seat. Instead, he sat in the highest seat, heading to the Royal seat.

Everyone was shocked.

What was Mister Zi Zhu going to do? Does he want to share the throne with his brothers? '? Although it was obvious that the Mister Zi Zhu was need not to kneel down to Emperor, Mister Zi Zhu was not allowed to be so arrogant.

Yun Xiang ignored the surprised looks of the crowd, glared at Xi Zhiyao, Yan Cangyue, Qin Liuren, Huo Liuyun, and paused on Yang Gezhi and Shui Minghan. He nodded to them as greetings. Then, his golden figure went straight to Lei Tianyan, and slowly bowed to him, greeting.

"Nice to meet you, your highness.".

Only Yun Canglan could make them kneel down.

This salute, however, made Lei Tianyan feel like God. Everyone knew that Mister Zi Zhu was too arrogant. He didn't even kneel to the emperor, even a prince. Everyone knew that Mister Zi Zhu had made a salute to the seventh Prince of the Si kingdom. The seventh prince was his fiance, which was the standard boss in the future.

Lei Tianyan smiled and winked. His flaming feather seemed to fly in the air, making him more enchanting.

"Where is she?"

"She'll be there soon."

They were chatting in a moderate way, making everyone want to hear more.

Her? 'him?

Who were they talking about? 'Crown Princess Yun Canglan?' impossible

In fact, martial artists were very curiosity about other's people.

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