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   Chapter 205 Bait

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 10929

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On October 17 in 1014 of the Shuihuo Calendar, the old emperor of the Chi Kingdom died of a new title. Lady Mei, Emperor Ling's favorite concubine. Competing for the throne of the Si kingdom started.

According to the Shuihuo Calendar, on October 18 in 1014, the empress of the Chi Kingdom destroyed the imperial edict and killed the Crown Prince in order to ascend the throne. The rest of the princes who would take over the throne were all unlucky. On the contrary, an unprecedented chaos broke out in the palace. There were numerous casualties.

According to the Shuihuo Calendar, on October 19 in 1014, Yan Cangyue, the Third Prince of the Chi Kingdom, who was said to be kidnapped, suddenly appeared with a mysterious and legendary army, "Yehuo Liuxing.".

According to the Shuihuo Calendar, on October 20 in 1014, Yan Cangyue, the Third Prince of the Chi Kingdom, under the help of the Yehuo Liuxing, intervened into the internal strife and became the king.

Yan Cangyue, the third prince, was a cynical and unruly prince, but now he kept a low profile, which surprised everyone. Yehuo Liuxing disappeared mysteriously again and when people wanted to see the power of this mysterious army, they felt pity again.

According to the Shuihuo Calendar, on October 28 in 1014, the divine weapon contest that the world martial artists had been looking forward to finally began at the swords mountain villa.

The Swords Hill villa was opened to welcome all the sects. Since almost all the famous sects in the world of martial arts had come, and no the powerful men of any sect would come, they would stay in the villa in groups. This was the divine weapon contest held the next day.

In order to obtain the top-grade sacred weapons, there were naturally some conflicts between the sects. However, for the sake of the Swords Hill, they didn't cause much trouble.

Two hundred years ago, the Swords Hill was puckered up. With its unique refining technique, it quickly became famous in the martial arts world. The Swords Hill was almost not involved in any matters in the martial arts world. When the martial artists mentioned it, they all showed their respect. Among the most distinguished swordsmen in the world, who held the weapons that were not forged by the Swords Hill.

All the world martial artists will follow the leader of the Swords Hill, if he wanted to do something. However, the leader of the Swords Hill didn't care about anything in the martial arts contest. He had come here to make an exception.

There was a large vacant area outside the Swords Hill. Each sect was waiting for the divine weapon contest. When they were feeling lonely, they ran to the empty area and started to compete with each other.

For some unknown reason, the members of the Fenghu Sect and the Longsheng Hall began to fight. According to the rule of enjoying the fun of taking advantage of others, most of the martial artists even came to the open space to watch the fun.

"Leader of the Fenghu Sect, your disciple hurt my disciple. Shouldn't you give me an explanation?" Hobson, the leader of the Longsheng Hall, had a fat body. He looked mighty and terrifying with a pair of fierce eyes. However, Liam, the leader of the Fenghu Sect, wasn't a good perso

. The skin was softer than the snow, and the lips were more red like plum blossoms, but more unbridled than cold plum blossoms.

His face took everyone's breath. His every move was like a poppy in the sunset, enchanting and mischievous.

Lei Tianyan got off the carriage slowly. His enchanting red feather emitted radiance, like a real thing floating in the air. He lifted the corner of his mouth with some disdain and had seen the coveted expression of all the women. Then he turned around and stretched his slender fingers towards the curtain of the car. His elegant manner immediately won the heart of all women again.

The truth came back to them.

Lei Tianyan, who got off the third carriage was Mister Yao Yan, the most beautiful person in the world? The identity of the person in the carriage who was able to give his hand was self-evident.

Yun Canglan, the current Crown Princess of the Si Kingdom, the fiancee of Lei Tianyan, the owner of Fengyun Firm, made a way for Yun canglan with the help of Shui Minghan and the Emperor of the Feng Kingdom. Even Shui Minghan and the emperor of the Feng Kingdom could afford to own a luxury carriage.

Then a girl in white got off the carriage.

The sky was clear, and the sun was getting stronger. When she walked out, the whole world became dark, but only her, and only her surroundings, shone indescribably on her.

She wore a faint smile and raised her beautiful eyes slowly, but all of a sudden, everyone had an impulse to kneel down before her. She didn't say a word, but it was like a magic spell, letting everyone's eyes look away from her, but they didn't dare to look straight at her. She was all saintess.

But in the blink of an eye, she jumped into Lei Tianyan's arms. Her brilliance completely disappeared. Everyone suddenly realized that it was a group illusion.

Holding Lei Tianyan's hand, Yun Canglan walked up to Shui Minghan and Qin Liuren with a meaningful smile.

"Gentlemen, I welcome you on behalf of the Si kingdom. Please forgive me if I didn't entertain you well." Yun Canglan continued, "from tomorrow on, the divine weapon contest begins. Let's wish you a complete victory.".

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