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   Chapter 204 Mistreating Qin Liuren

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 10303

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However, there was still one.

Qin Liuren had been silent all the time. Now he finally realized that the servants beside her were telling the truth. He had despised her at that time, but many outstanding men took advantage of her. He had known that Huo Liuyun of the Ling Kingdom, Shui Minghan of the Lie Kingdom, and even Xi Zhiyao of the Jin Kingdom had fallen in love with her. But now, he had realized that Yun Canglan was not a virgin.She found her home in the arms of the most beautiful person in the world.

All these men were either dignitaries or heroes in the crowd, and they were all more beautiful than Paula. Her servant was right at that time, and he had no advantage at all. Even if she had once admired him, he squandered it now.

He didn't bet with his two children, he had no chip than others.


Yun canglan snatched him first and decided to settle the problem quickly. "Emperor of the Feng Kingdom is still here. I thought you had gone back to the Feng Kingdom. Do you want to stay and have a cup of our wedding wine? That's fine. You don't have to go back to the Feng Kingdom. Go to the guesthouse and wait in the hotel. You can travel in the Si Kingdom these days. Although the Si kingdom is not as powerful as the Feng Kingdom, it has its own characteristics. I and Tian Yan will be too busy with our wedding to entertain you. Please forgive us. ".

Well, it's time for him to go.

Qin Liuren, however, remained motionless and bowed his head. A sense of grudge permeated the whole body.

After a while, he raised his eyelids and stared at Canglan with pain, "Canglan, I've come to the Si Kingdom.".

Yun canglan raised her head?

"I know everything. It wasn't Yang Tianxin who saved me, but you. I..."He touched his chest with one hand and said, "I have half your heart and my blood is the same with yours. Canglan, we are destined to be together.".

Yun canglan frowned and wanted to curse him more.

He said they were meant to be together. When she ran after him, he was flirting with Yang Tianxinl!

Yun Canglan looked sideways at Lei Tianyan and saw him raising his head pretending not to hear. Obviously, he wanted her to solve it by herself.

Meeting Qin Liuren's regretful eyes, Yun Canglan said indifferently, "Qin Liuren, it's just my illusion that I love you. My heart is half yours, so at the first sight I saw you, I felt a throb in my heart, but later it was realized. I don't like you. Without that heart, I won't even look at you."

"But we still have that night." Qin Liuren asked. He didn't believe her heart would fall in love with him just for the half heart. After all, why didn't he fall in love with her at the first sight.

Lei Tianyan narrowed his eyes dangerously. Yun Canglan comforted him with a smile. She cursed Qin Liuren in her heart, 'How dare he mention the one night stand in front of my husband. I hate him.'.

"I have an aphrodisiac attack every full moon night. On that day, I avoided others because I didn't want to find a man to detox me. But I didn't expect to meet y

s decisively launched her attack. She sent the powerful general of the Si Kingdom to fight and make it clear to the world that although the Si kingdom was small, it was not afraid of great power. As long as people did not offend us, we would not attack.

The battles in the Jin Kingdom and the Si Kingdom had begun, but the Si city was still in an uproar. It was because of the wedding announcement of their legendary Crown Princess and Lei Tianyan's marriage.

The several things caused a stir in the world. They seemed to be irrelevant, but in fact, they were only related to one person, Yun Canglan.

In a tavern in the Si City, Yun Canglan wore a simple white dress. The two kids next to her were like naughty butterflies and didn't know what to do. Lei Tianyan took food for them while helping them wipe their mouths, putting his father's role in the matter. Yun Qin and Yun Qi sat not far away, carefully sensing the surrounding, and trying to protect the mistress.

Not far away, a figure in green was so lonely that it was difficult for Yun Qin and Yun Qi not to notice.

'There wae used to be Shui Minghan. Now Huo Liuyun joined us. Why are there so many flies around mistress?'.

Huo Liuyun looked at the happy family in silence. He felt bitter and heartbroken. The two

children was his children, but they called someone else father. They are his children, but they are so close to Lei Tianyan. It was impossible for him not to be jealous, but he knew better that he had no courage to walk over, and he wouldn't step in.

The laughter in the distance and the childish quarrels in the children's seats were like sharp needles, piercing his heart. This scene was very unpleasant, but he couldn't help but want to see it. All of a sudden, he felt a surge of envy and hatred.

However, even though he was unwilling to go there, it didn't mean that others would not disturb him.

After he took off Kuang'er's dirty clothes, a man stood in front of them and blocked their bright light. He asked in a soft voice.


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