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   Chapter 203 Abuse For Huo Liuyun And Shui Minghan

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Updated: 2020-01-06 00:24

As expected, Huo Liuyun was even more hurt. He knew that two children had more feelings for Lei Tianyan than for him. If they had a choice, he would be more ashamed.

But did he really give up? He couldn't bear to see her marry another man. After knowing that he had two children, he finally had the courage to win her back, but she insisted on marrying another man. He couldn't accept it.

Huo Liuyun lowered his head and said in a low voice: "but I'm their father. ".

"Oh, father..."Yun Canglan answered in a low voice, her eyes turning distant, "when I was diagnosed with pregnancy, I was lying in the imperial mausoleum of your Huo clan. Where were you at that time? Because of your froze ball, I was poisoned with the aphrodisiac that even Yun Qin and Yun Qi couldn't detox. It was Shui Minghan who reluctantly detoxed me. Where were you at that time? "

Huo Liuyun went stiff with cold. He opened his mouth, but couldn't utter a word. He felt a heartache, and it was badly mutilated. But he didn't feel the pain. Compared with Canglan's pain, his pain was nothing at all.

He wanted to say, "Canglan, I'm sorry. I'm wrong. I'm sorry. I regret it. But he can't speak out. Maybe I don't even have the right to ask for forgiveness.".

Lei Tianyan listened to her story quietly, eyes full of affection.

She was the most powerful woman in the world, but no one knew that she was very fragile. She also wanted to rest in other people's arms, she also wanted to give up all the ease travelling, but she couldn't. the pain in her previous life let her shoulder more and become more powerful.

He could not forgive her past pain, but now and in the future, he could be a building for her, protect her from wind and rain, and help her to rely on.

Yun Canglan took a deep breath and continued, "when the children were born, I suffered a great pain, but you were not by my side. It was Minghan and Tianyan who held my hands to encourage me. Where were you at that time? Huo Liuyun, are you their father? "

She had always disguised her emotions well, but today her weakness was revealed in her eyes. She didn't expect that one day, she would take off all her disguise, roared at this man, and shouted out all her previous grievances.

Perhaps it was because of Lei Tianyan who taught him not to hide his real identity and told her that she could rely on him. Just like at this moment, she was able to give herself free.

She felt great at that moment.

Yun Canglan rested her body on Lei Tianyan, quietly feeling the heat coming from his chest. She closed her eyes and felt that she was safe without the tricks and precautions everywhere.

Huo Liuyun's handsome face was bathed in pain. He looked guilty and sad. He felt guilty for what

lized it three years later. I was wrong this time and I won't make it a second time. Canglan, look. He pulled up his sleeve, a fiery red feather blossoming with a strange yet majestic look.".

"My feather has spread, and my heart has given to you. Canglan, don't you believe me?"

"I believe!" Yun Canglan looked sideways at Lei Tianyan. He had the same birthmark of feather, "but I already have Lei Tianyan.".

Shui Minghan went rigid. He looked at Lei Tianyan behind Yun Canglan, his eyes full of sadnessbeg?

Shui Minghan, the most favored 6th Prince of the Lie Kingdom, was now looking down upon Lei Tianyan with pleading eyes.

Either he was desperate, or he loved Canglan so much that he couldn't let her go.

Lei Tianyan was also startled by his cold eyes. Shui Minghan would rather give up his pride than stay with her.

Lei Tianyan also looked at him. For a moment, he wanted to avoid Shui Minghan's eyes, pretending that he didn't see his pain and begging, but he couldn't. Shui Minghan gave him a lot of courage, but what should he do?

"Canglan..."As soon as Tianyan spoke, Yun Canglan cast a warning glance at him.

"What do you want to say?" When did they become so good? She excluded his rival in love here, but he was so pitiful.

Lei Tianyan gave a captivating smile, "Canglan, I just want to say you won't be captured by men, right?" However, he was winking at Shui Minghan. It was not a good time to force Canglan now.

Shui Minghan saw his glance and knew what he meant. He gave Lei Tianyan a grateful look, and decided to fight for a long time.

"Canglan, I won't give up. Think about it carefully. I'm leaving now. "With these words, he disappeared quickly.

Yun Canglan looked at the receding figure, blinking her beautiful eyes. 'How fast the man's thinking is! He just left like that?'?

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